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  1. Adding a few Items to the List today :0 Raw Shrimp Raw Anchovies All F2p Tiaras
  2. Thanks for the Help tripsis!

  3. Donating 10% of Winnings to Water.org on My Campaign for King of The Web! http://www.kingoftheweb.com/matt258

  4. I do like these videos. I don't Like the part with Ability44 or whoever it is talking about stuff. Nice that they talk about the Upcoming Updates with more Information. With the recent Combat Video I like the New Magic Spell Uses & don't like the Ranging ones.
  5. [qfc]16-17-904-63747464[/qfc] Long for waiting be not shall one, chap old it to get! Rewarded royally be will clue the out work to happen who those. Takes it what have you do? Update game next our for preparation in out work to you for teaser cryptic devilishly a have we, week this. Introduction Ready yourself Clue Sleuths! There are some terribly terrifying and tedious clues here, extra specially crafted for you to solve! It's not going to be easy so I recommend attaining some delicious Super Restore, grabbing a hot Summer Pie and your finest Dragon Kiteshield for a difficulty devious time. Teasers are what await a successful cluesmith this week for what could be coming to heavenly RuneScape next week? Is it a dragon? Is it a Gnome glider? No it's extraordinary puzzles! Whether or not you're the best clue-solver in all of the land, that's fine! This week's innovative and challenging puzzles would make even the Chaos Elemental cringe & Kalphite Queen sigh at the sight. With that all said, we wish you all the best of luck. It's not going to be easy but we look forward to seeing you next week! Clue One Gordon Bennett! I've only gone and jumped the Granite maul ended up brown bread and washed up in Deadly Thrill. No matter, I'll head to the bumblebee to stock up on grub and a few holy notions. Killing the Mayor is my favourite skill, mighty feasts assigned to me this time - good grief! Clue Two What's in the first image that isn't in the second image? Clue Three Contact! - Mourning's End Part I = Answer 1 (The Temple of Senntisten - Answer 2) + One Small Favour = My Arm's Big Adventure ((A Fairy Tale Part II x Lost City) + Fairy Tale III: Battle at Orks Rift) / A Fairy Tale Part I = Answer 3 Kennith's Concerns / Goblin Diplomacy = Answer 4 (Digsite Quest + Eadgar's Ruse) - Temple of Ikov = Answer 5 (Answer 2 - Answer 1) + Answer 3 - (Answer 5 / Answer 4) = Teaser
  6. Double Drops From Saturday to Monday inclusive, a wide selection of bosses and other enemies throughout RuneScape will reward you with double drops - your swag bagll be fuller than ever before, as youll find a duplicate of everything looted from the beasts below: God Wars: Creatures and Bosses God Wars II: Nex King Black Dragon Kalphite Queen Dagannoth Kings The Giant Mole Glacors Chaos Tunnels: all monsters, except Bork Revenant Dungeon: all monsters Stronghold of Security: all monsters Theres also a chance to receive double drops from the Barrows brothers, and from the Barrows chest. Facing down a brutal boss is all the better with a friend or two at your side, so be sure to get involved with the RuneScape Community Teams Stomp the Bosses event this weekend. Spin to Win This weekend, were adding a fantastic selection of monkey-themed prizes to be won on the Squeal of Fortune. Theres a monkey mace, a monkey barrel, and three monkey hats themed around see no evil; hear no evil; speak no evil. The barrel can be found among the common drops, while the monkey mace and monkey hats will be uncommon drops. Dont miss out on your chance to grab a piece of monkey mayhem! This offer runs from Saturday the 19th up to and including Monday the 21th in its entirety (GMT), so what are you waiting for? Sharpen your weapons, polish your armour and youll be rewarded with some fantastic drops. Dont forget that as a member youll get 3 spins instead of 2 every day you login during May as part of the Mad May offer, so youll have even more chances to win big. Subscribe now so you can get your extra spins! The RuneScape Team
  7. Is that a Free 14 days trial account or do you pay Monthly? Are you going for All Quest Points? Put the Stats Goals needed for the Quests on the 1st post :)
  8. That ^ Looks like too MUCH :( The Icons look nice though.
  9. Glad that Fires last longer now while Cooking. Nice rewards from the Spirits (yay for adding to Ashes Collection) Nice HP Boost to.
  10. Adding a few Items to the List today :) Vial Cabbage Bucket
  11. Hope that you have been doing Good! GL with your Goals & keep me Updated :) Take care

  12. Pro-Life :thumbup: Abortions should be Banned/Be against the Law. The "Taking of a Life" is Murder :shame: & they should be put in Jail.
  13. Make New accounts. Do the Security Stronghold, get Safety Gloves, start Skilling & sometimes Combat. I'm always listening to the radio. In a few different Friend chats. Watch Tv, chat on Msn & Skype.
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