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  1. Wintertodt was nice πŸ™‚ 170 kc Dragon axe, No Pet though 😞 Doing Tempoross now for Fishing.
  2. WB & GL on your OSRS acc! Yeah lots of changes to both versions! New Skills, New Quests/Areas, Clues, Bosses. There are also Ironman & Hardcore Ironman on both versions.
  3. Well I was going to Live Stream this later tonight but I went to the Wilderness Bloodwood Tree event & forgot that it gave Farming Exp. I was 30k Exp away. πŸ‘¨β€πŸŒΎπŸŽ‰
  4. Glad to Finally get it! I could have gotten it on the last day of BXP but I wanted to wait for some other friends to be online to come. I've really enjoyed training this skill! When it came out I got Level 99 pretty Quick & I helped a lot of people open their Effigys so I got a lot of Exp from that.
  5. Ah yeah! I really like the Player Owned Farm and doing Daily Challenges for Exp. I will probably keep on doing 3 Daily Challenges til 200M or use some BXP since I have like 222k beans to use on Potions. πŸ™‚
  6. Indeed it will be & I also want to get 10 Million jugs of Wine 😎
  7. Level 120 Construction 😎🏠 & I also have a video on @YouTube https://youtube.com/watch?v=wR6Rn2DX2hM [it was pretty laggy since I had a couple of RS clients Open, watching Zilandraa on @twitch & on @discord ] I mainly made Mahogany Tables & also used Medium lamps. I don't know how many Lamps I used but it would be nice to know.
  8. 21,227 Thanks for the post after 2 YEARS! Well Cindy got FIRED 2 Years ago right after I got my 5 Years Anniversary at the end of Feb 2014. I think she was Fired like 2 weeks after that. We have 3 quick carts now but 1 kind of doesn't work since the battery computer parts need to be replaced. They need to repair some buggies soon since we don't have a lot when it gets pretty busy.
  9. Ah man thanks! Yeah I just like to go for the Maximum Exp πŸ™‚ Since it's the Maximum and way back when not a lot of people had 200M Exp so I just have been going for it on a couple of accounts. Here are some Trades for last week & showing how many I currently have! Zilandra Traded 100k Grapes & Jug of Waters in 1 Trade πŸ™‚
  10. I've had this F2P acc for a while & one of the Goals was to do Superheat until I was 200M Smithing & Magic. Well I wasn't active on it for a while & since the Mining & smithing rework happened I've decided to just do Regular Smithing armour & probably going to do High Alch to 200M Magic πŸ™‚
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