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  1. Keep up the humor Jj. For those who do not know, Jj Dynomite is a comedic runescape legend. Expect nothing short of George Carlin.
  2. Forums are a declining medium and have been getting replaced by social media for years now. New forum development has been effectively killed and those that predate most social media are gasping for air. Fansites themselves are doing a bit better but not much. I wouldn't say the RS Wiki is to blame. It's more the lack of new players. Experienced players don't need help as much as new ones. Also fansites support would help but it's not the major issue. Fansites and Jagex basically ignored each other until 2009ish and everything went fine. Though I agree that Jagex is giving clear preference to reddit by posting there constantly while ignoring older sites such as tip.it. Although defeatism doesn't help the cause, the health of the fansite and the forums are largely out of the hands of tip.it and other fansites at the moment.
  3. You can play in browser using this link: http://world202.runescape.com/ It may be just me, but I get a 404 on that link on both Chrome and FF? It appears they recently changed fixed that link. There goes my way of playing.
  4. You can play in browser using this link: http://world202.runescape.com/
  5. Releasing the master cape before the trimmed cape?
  6. But you don't anymore, to prevent confusion. Not sure if the every six month log-in before 2009 thing is correct, but I'll take your word for it.
  7. Late to the party, but here are the dates you need to have logged in to play RSC. • Aug 3rd 2005 - Feb 3rd 2006 (you need to have logged into this date range to play the veterans server) • November 2009 11th - 25th • June 2010 1st - 24th • September 2011 14th - 30th Even if you played when RSC was the main RS you will still need to have logged into one of those dates. You don't need to log in once every six months either. Case in point, here's a picture of me in 2013 logging into RSC for the first time since 2006.
  8. Clutch, thanks. Didn't know that it appeared this year as I couldn't find it where it was last year. I always liked how Jagex gave a nod to the American players with this event, even though they've never celebrated the fourth of July once in their lives.
  9. Is there a 4th of July event this year? I haven't heard anything regarding it.
  10. Even better: 1. Buy jugs of wine on the GE 2. Drink the wine but not all of it. Leave half of it still in there. 3. Sell the half wine jugs back on the GE. I average around 4 trillion gold an hour with this method.
  11. I was really surprised the Wildywyrm was not a toggle task. It's how I would have personally implemented it and I don't identify myself as someone who hates the wilderness. Boss-like monsters are toggleable, so monsters that are going to feature player versus player combat should be toggleable as well. Even in the Old School Runescape Wilderness rejuvenaton, you don't have to kill the bosses, fish the fish, etc. But if you get a wildywyrm task and have no slayer points, you're out of luck. Makes no sense. At the same time there's a bit of me saying that you should just go into the wilderness. You risk nothing now with the three item thing protect thing and from what I've heard people aren't too aggressive over there. I'm looking forward to more wilderness centered updates.
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