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  1. So Im a billion GP in the hole? [bleep]!
  2. I don't know the true meaning Runescape 07 :P I missed it somehow...
  3. Not really sure but I think 30+ was only possible in p2p :/ D E S I R E used to post on the old forums, and was one of my fav pkers among Pker Dude Jr and XpkaX :)
  4. I had a white party hat on Gang Sabre, worth about 400k at the time. Just wondering if anyone else remembers owning one :) Is there anyway to put this Phat on a RS3 character?
  5. I recently tried AION which is a WoW clone all the way. Nothing special except its free 2 play :P
  6. I used to play Runescape classic on a Dell... Its good with Java me thinks.
  7. Im having a screw driver for breaky :P Only in moderation, they say.
  8. Um... telly to GE anyone ??
  9. I love the RPGing that happened while I was a kid :)
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