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  1. I feel like anonymity is partially to blame for the deaths of forums as well. It used to be a bannable offense on RS just to ask where someone lived. Drastically different now. It's not just tip.it, from what I've seen most forums across all usage types are dead. I never got into reddit, but between facebook, instagram, youtube, twitch, and other messaging platforms that allow people to talk instantly without texting. That and the speed at which people communicate makes people's interest in having conversations over hours/days drop off. Personally, it was also the direction RS3 went in that killed tip.it forums for me. I do love oldschool and play it regularly. One person on my friends list lol.
  2. you got me :P My main on rs3 has 200m farm. I think my previous osrs main (rufio_07) also had 99 but I forget.
  3. 16th time I get 99 farm. First time on osrs though. I'll still do daily magic and palm runs I think.
  4. 7 weeks to get 99/99/99 from 70/70/70 100% nmz. Was not able to do 24 hour days all the time, and obliviously not since the nerf recently. I think 5 weeks was perfectly possible pre-nerf. I got 17.8m nmz points from 70/70/70 to 99/99/99. I bought herb boxes daily and probably around 500-700 doses of overload. 99 Mage now then Range.
  5. Congratulations to Zezima on achieving 4 billion meters
  6. If looking at it as how long it took to get 200m all, that's not very accurate. For example, Le Me probably has the lowest time to 200m all but for sure has over 1k days played just from his phat marching etc. But if just looking at it from a curiosity perspective then nevermind.
  7. He's been around for a long time, nice to see him get it. Don't think he did much spinning either, if any. Front page pretty much full too. One more slot left and he'll probably be done in a month at most.
  8. I have little time lately and in the near future, but add me "Rufio 07". You can always ask me if I'm on. What's your rsn?
  9. 70/70/70, 85 combat. Mage and melee all set to afk to 99. Range I'll start once I'm around 90 def.
  10. Some progress on my new pvm alt. 70 str and dragon defender. I'll use up tokens here and hopefully get a few spare d defenders. Then finish what's left of 70 def and I'm set for melees and magic. For range I just have to get avas, and really need 99 def first.
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