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  1. hes used the offical source and he can play literally any game with it only using at the most 7% but when he goes to runescape it ok until hes in game then he has 99%
  2. It used 99% disk i promise i watched it use it and it is windows 8 im telling you im quite puzzled because ive never heard of a case like this and i dont think its excessivley full cause he has a terrabit and he is a stickler when it comes to playing games you have to download not to long ago about a week he cleaned his system
  3. No he can run the highest demanding games possible like the witcher 3 max setting 100 fps and his specs are listed below: cyperpower pc amd fx -6300 six mega core processor 8gb of ram 64bit operating system
  4. So me and my friend was going to come back to runescape and mine worked just fine however my friend has a crazy good gaming computer and he cant run runescape he reinstalled java and redownloaded it but still when he enetered the game it used up 99% of his disk space and then crashed later on him very soon it is implayable is there anyway to fix this
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