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  1. Hello all, Rather than type and format everything every time we change something, I'll give you a few links and an overview: Eternal Division recruitment thread (RSOF) Eternal Division Discord server (...Discord) We're a teaching PvM clan with no requirements to join (ideally 100+ combat, but that's up to you). The earlier you start understanding the basics, the quicker we can get you tanking Yakamaru and being a pro DPSer at Nex: Angel of Death. ;) To join in teaching sessions / pvm events, you'll need the rank the host decides. Our ranks are based off boss kc's, gear and levels so as you do more bossing, you'll gain a higher rank and be able to participate more. If you would like to join us, you can: post in our Discord; on our RSOF thread; join our clan chat in game and ask for an invite or PM me directly in game.
  2. Just to add to what the others have said and hopefully put your mind at rest; loads of players have alts that are just used for money making. I have a few friends who have an account at Incandescent Wisps, converting them to energies whilst their main is Slaying / Bossing. It's perfectly safe as long as you're gaining the wealth legitimately.
  3. FatNooblet - General gameplay + a few "loot from" vids The Junesong - PvM guides / In depth gear, Invention perk, ability guides / RS Psychology vids. (One of my personal favourites) Wardelicious - Fairly new YouTuber, very well made videos and really interesting. Slayerholik - "To Dye For" clue scroll hunt for dye series is nice to watch. SujidivoRs - Hard Core Ironman series mainly Trissle - Good PvM guides WalessRs - Insane loot vids (10b loot tab), "Alt Scape" series and "Road to 200m All Skills" series.
  4. Ouch! Fair enough lol Cool, should be able to get all done in a few hours then :) Thanks for the reply.
  5. Hello all, I am going to be doing Summoning on the weekend at Taverly, sell noted buy back method. People have all said not to do steel titans, why is this? People have also said that it’s possible to do 15k charms an hour, is this true? Cheers :)
  6. Wow, only 5 hours?! I may have to jump in! I'm already going to be on doing Fish Flingers, so when my tickets run out, BA it is! Thanks for the responce. :)
  7. Hello all, I'm embarking on a journey to gain gold sparkles. Trying to figure out time frames for: Rank 2 to 1 Esteem (and best island, 2 soul spawn?) 2 to 5 Healer, Defender and Collector in BA. (Any tips?) 4k Chompy Kills I have done the rest / know timeframes. Any 'points / hour' or 'days' or 'do this' are welcome. Cheers :)
  8. Ah never thought about weapon poisen. Good idea, cheers.
  9. Nex gloves over Razorback/Celestial/Ascension? What tasks would need increased accuracy? Aren't most tasks 100% accuracy with t90? Thanks for the link. :)
  10. Hello all, Anyone have any tips for getting fast slayer xp? For example: Use VIP tickets, skip blah blah and make sure you use blah for blah. I am in the midst of making a load of supreme overload salves and will be using them for slayer (overkill I know). I have T90's (nox set and drygores) and augmented nex sets with the obvious dps perks. Genocidal on them too. Still think my xp/hr is slow though, so looking for tips that may help. Taa :) Edit: Weps are augmented with perks too. One off-hand drygore with Demon Slayer on to use with DL. Edit2: I don't know exactly my xp/hr but I am always disappointed after an evening slaying and seeing a dismal amount of xp on RuneClan.
  11. You diamond. Thanks very much. :)
  12. Hello All, Could the Holy Overload, Supreme Overload Salve and Replenishment potions batch possibly be added to the Herblore calculator? If no one has time, tell me how and give me permissions and I will be happy to update it. :)
  13. Diamond. Thanks, I did a few trial runs anyways and have presets all set ready for tomorrow :D
  14. Awesome! Do you have numbers for pots / secondarys to put in yak / invent? Do you need to have both in the invent for the portable to recognise you're making that potion or can you have a full invent of potions and yak full of secondaries?
  15. Sweet! I will attempt to do that then. Thanks all :)
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