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  1. Yeah you get taken off the hiscores if you don't log in game for 3 months
  2. Thanks for for those who came and all the people that gratsed me :) I wish this thread didn't die but it's expected after front page is just about to be filled. It was a great journey and now I can just play for fun without being forced to train skills that I don't want to train.
  3. Thanks <3 That's some legit monster killing I did today.
  4. Lol this discussion makes me sick... People who play a lot of rs are no lifers because they are not directly effecting or increasing their means in 'real life'. Something with which I agree. People in the professional world are in the real world and therefore their 'no lifing' as you called it, directly affects their means of life. You cannot compare someone who is working 12 hours at a real life job and then going home and making dinner and then sleeping 4-6 hours to someone who sits in front of a computer for 12 hours+ gaining virtual exp/gp. Reading half the posts about this topic on this thread make me cringe inside because of the fact that people actually think RS is a way of life and that it is respectable because you are doing what you like. Everyone who no lifes RS is sacrificing IRL no matter what the situation. You tell me someone who gains 300m exp a month is respected or actually achieves something outside of RS? I'd probably not believe that. You cannot defend or deem runescape no lifing as either a way of life, or a respected decision regardless of what personal opinions are on the matter. But don't worry, I respect drumgun for playing rs for 16 hour/day 10 years and to jebroom on his 20 hour/day month! Personally I am not sacrificing real life at all to play this game. I wouldn't be any better off if I didn't play. In fact, I'd be worse.
  5. Only 400 hours saved, cool Seems like he avged 233k xp/hr for almost 23k hours :o + his 2007 acc is pretty nice lol, rank 8 rc Interesting :o I thought he would have more gp than that and bought more keys + played more than 18 hours a day by the way his gains looked. Respect to him regardless of the way he got his money. He's a really nice guy too.
  6. http://services.runescape.com/m=news/treasure-hunter--divine-recall?jptg=ia&jptv=community_news More key buying abuse time???
  7. Please don't take what I'm saying as an insult. But weren't you the guy with social anxiety so severe that you couldn't handle a job as a baggage boy at a market? Do you honestly think that playing runescape is helping your anxieties or part of why its so bad to begin with? Maybe its just me but I think your using runescape as a coping mechanism instead of trying to fix your real life problems. But hey #frontpagehype though right Yeah that's me. Not sure how you knew about that but yes a huge reason I play runescape is to escape from real life which I just cannot face. I have no idea where I'd be if I didn't find runescape but I'm glad I found it because I don't think things would have turned out any better otherwise. If you want me to go into more detail give me a pm. Don't want to post too much here.
  8. Exactly. Couldn't have said it better. For me I feel a great sense of pride in what I do and I love the feeling of being respected. Although it gets boring and tiring at times it gives me a sense of self worth to do what I'm doing and feels good to know there is almost no one else on the entire planet who are able to do what myself and other top players do. It requires an extreme amount of dedication, motivation, time, and requires a special mental drive to do these things. I've been through a lot myself over the past 8 years I've played this game. Both bad and good. But in the end I just realize this is what I'm here for and I intend to keep going. I hope people can understand this.
  9. The moment we were all waiting for. Congrats Drumgun! You did an awesome job :)
  10. One 200m left [email protected][email protected][email protected]! Think he is going to livid for a few days to help finish it up?
  11. Grats to Roger Al for passing up a rank from me :(
  12. How many bonds does it even take to buy enough bonus xp for 200m in 1 skill? Specifically during a promotion week such as the one now that's about to end.
  13. He wanted to impress me. ^This and I dislike BA and other group minigames/activites very much.
  14. Thank guys :) And @ guy0ne: Yes, I know that almost no one in the entire world will care what rank I finish at. But there are still enough people that will care that keeps me going, plus the pride of me doing it too. Anyway, I may take a few days break just because I feel burned out atm. I think I over did it the first few days I was playing 07. It's a rare occurrence but it can happen to people, even top players.
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