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  1. Bring it with you when you go slaying and use it to get raw material, not xp
  2. They should really do both, no reason not to
  3. Is this always or just prices crazy atm?
  4. God I hate these items you can only get in TH
  5. What would be the best island to stand at and not move? I'm 95 rc and love afking :) atm I'm on 32
  6. Inb4 very sophisticated QBD bot. For maxed player in top gear, QBD is trivial
  7. Hotel plz. Love miscelania and ports.
  8. Player made updates sound cool, finally suggestions threads will be useful :D Maybe we can all vote to take out solomon store xp?
  9. This is underwhelming... Guess we will have to wait for specifics
  10. I was hoping it would be on New years eve, could be tommorow
  11. Do they release BTS for whole year? I remember they did once
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