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  1. I was actually thinking about using warpriest armor and tribridding but I'm thinking tier 60 defenses probably won't be enough now. Basically, I should buy drygore rapier and oh drygore rapier if I'm planning on doing KK at all then right?
  2. Does anyone know of a good, friendly warbands friends' chat? All the ones I've found require a "trial" or "13x+" or "mandatory pk practice" or "tank tests." Or am I too low leveled to get into a friends' chat and should wait until later? Thanks! Edit: Cb level 127 Here is a link to my stats.
  3. I'm pretty noob at Runescape so bear with me...you're saying if I use keris, I have to run gear swaps? What are gear swaps? And why won't they be worth running after death rework?
  4. So here's some background information. I just got 90 attack so am planning to get a set of drygores soon. I'm thinking mh drygore mace and oh drygore rapier, but then I thought I might do kalphite king someday. If I were to do kalphite king, would Keris with oh drygore rapier or mh drygore rapier with oh drygore rapier be better? According to reddit, Keris is better, but according to RuneWIki, Keris is still crap. Can anyone help clarify this? If drygore rapier is better, then I'll probably get dual rapiers, but if Keris is better for kalphite kings, then I'll probably get mh drygore mace and oh drygore rapier. However, if anyone recommends a specific combination for me for some other reason that I have overlooked, let me know. Thanks!
  5. I haven't voted yet, but I hope that if a new quest wins, it won't be a save-the-world-from-exploding quest.
  6. Well for me personally, auto consume is at least 5 or 10% faster because I am usually doing something else while playing rs. That means I have to click the chat box or move away to close the chatbox to ability bar drop the fish. You guys are probably way more efficient than me though.
  7. I have nothing to add to this thread, but good luck man!
  8. 24268. I dig holes in my backyard and hide in them, pretending to be a potato.
  9. I don't know about you, but 1m+ per hour while slaying is good enough for me to pay attention :o
  10. I guess I am by no means qualified to talk about this, but I think the shark outfit is well worth it. While the extra XP per hour is just 5% from the increased catch rate, it's actually a little higher because you don't have to keep dropping the fish. Not to mention that the afkness of fishing skyrocketed, making it more afkable than bonfires but less than hellhounds.
  11. Too bad abyssal demons will win because they are already a good task. I am quite surprised that so many people voted for it. Perhaps there are more people with 85 slayer than those without (or those who have under 85 slayer don't care).
  12. You say those requirements as if they were easily accessible. I'm sure corp is easy if you have all those, but 95 prayer, 91+ herblore, chaotic spear, dreadnips, Goliath gloves, etc. aren't exactly low requirements. I understand that because you are maxed, the things you listed seem like they aren't really high requirements, but I assure you most people (maybe not people on this forum) would say otherwise. Also, regarding pkers at chaos elemental, they might not be a big deal to you ("most of them suck") as you have 99 everything (combat levels matter in pking), but they probably will be for non max cb people, like Blaze and I. To Blaze: just use royal dhide and black salamander at chaos elementals so if you die, you don't lose much. Good luck!
  13. I think one big update every month is enough, honestly. We haven't really had a "big" update lately (remind me if we have), so if they adopt that type of style, Jagex better stick with it. Furthermore, I hope Jagex changes the direction quests are going. We've begun an era where every quest is monumental and advances some super complex storyline that involves this god and that god. Can we not have "normal" quests or a brand new storyline? Does EVERYTHING have to be connected to some super big quest? Ritual of the Majharrat was nice in linking the quests together, but it feels like right now, all the quests are so "monumental." In addition, repeatable quests aren't the way to go in my opinion. Quests aren't meant to be a grind like skills are, and Dimension of Disaster feels like a grind. Many updates (or future updates) at the moment seem like they are meant for, dare I say, maxed/comped players to have something to do (see: POH room aquarium upcoming update, this DoD quest, which, from what I've heard, is extremely grindy). Lastly, I hope future world events/holiday events are NOT log-in-everyday-and-play-for-at-least-an-hour-to-get-enough-credits-to-get-the-rewards type events. When I log on to Runescape, personally, I like to have a relaxing time, instead of feeling like I have to go do the event.
  14. I just tested it out. It's about 220k xp/hr at level 70 You get 220k thieving XP per hour at level 70?!?! That's more than what I get per hour at 77 thieving...in RS3!
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