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  1. Also sag arrows from that teleporting range boss right?
  2. Aight will do Umm not sure where I can get the ssh :s I don't have it I remember whenever it dropped someone always took it and never gave it...even with primal I asked never got it luckily the drop came to me :) I guess it's same for bn and sag. I know hex from seaker? Bn from edimu?
  3. So I returned to Rs a day go for dxp. I want to know wat to have/get/bind for dung now a days. I only got primal 2h grave bow sag body and artisian pot binded and nothing else. Any help would be appreciated. Also I am 117dung
  4. IMO the only reason they are even thinking of legacy mode isnt because PTP voting system and all....its because they know that they need to somehow bring back the pre-eoc game to make more money that they need to survive and keep this game going. You can refer to the reddit post about how the income of jagex from RS declined over the years.
  5. That's the point. I looked into doing just that. Only 20 a day from gnome stronghold, that's only 4 baskets, not enough for 10 maple trees. Fruit bats don't work very well either; you'll get a ton of papayas, lemons, limes, and pineapples, but very few oranges. Only alternative is to farm them, but I grow papaya trees so that isn't happening. Since they aren't even selling at 100k, I gather the supply has completely run out due to summer offer + prismania. I sold a few of mine, and they sold for 6k each, so it's not like there are a ton of people buying them for tens of k. They're just too damned time consuming to gather for anyone to bother supplying them. i have alot left over if you want you can have them :)
  6. why dont you just buy oranges and put them in basket? :s
  7. i need help with music....need to unlocked barb, trouble brewing, rago and rots music. Can anyone help me ? thanks
  8. You just proved my point >_> Ask yourself: why did people choose to donate to Suomi, of all people? Why did people donate to Suomi and not you? What's the difference between you two? I want respect when i finally achieve 200m all. not controversy like suomi has caused. A man who lowers himselft to shame other people deserves no respect. ^amen
  9. i have done all the dung task...so i have unlocked hardmode i believe? havent tried hardmode so dunno yet
  10. well im not a beginner, with my friends i can knock out 7min floors. But i was wondering cuz i might join a dung fc :D....also need that 120 dung, 59mill to go. Also you unlock hardmode after 120 dung right?
  11. can you tell me how long it wuld take me to get 200mill all? im just curious
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