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  1. Prior to making this topic, i killed the QBD 3 times (my first 3 times) All three kills were with melee. Trip 1: I used almost my entire inventory worth of sharks to keep myself alive Trip 2: i used 4 sharks total Trip 3: I used about 13 Sharks. Seems its really unpredictable. Also, thanks on the advice on the Workshop. Any idea how much 74-80 Would cost me?
  2. Is it true that dragonbane with a Rcb is better to kill QBD with than Bandos armour + Drygores? To add another question, is it true that adamant ignot 3 is about 200k xp/h while afking? I don't really get the workshop, but if im right, all i do is just make any of the 4 addy ignot 3 items (Or what is called for for extra xp)?
  3. Level 75 now, i can start the quest.
  4. Couldn't start the quest. Probably because of the lack of requirements.
  5. I'm currently Level 73 Construction. But as only 2 levels would cost me well above 3M, i wanted to see if boosts work. I'll just try it out, and if not, throw that 3M into it and level it to 75. Thanks though.
  6. I want to do Plague'S End, but i don't meet the Construction requirement. Wikia says skills can be boosted, while other sources (Google searches, forums) say you can't. I need a definitive awnser. Can you or Can you not boost skills for Plague's End?
  7. I guess it was prayer then.. Time to get Supers lol
  8. Woops on the he-she thing :P But i still had the antifire icon active?
  9. I've been trying KBD since i had a black dragon task. I seem to be able to kill him easily, but when i hopped a world, she suddenly started to hit me for 2000-3000 per attack, and i died cause i wasn't prepared. Im sure i still had my antifire (Regular) active. (Im using dual Drygore, with Normal antifire + Magic protect) Every kill, she doesn't hit me for more then ~800, but when i hopped she killed me in 3 seconds. Why?
  10. What is the best way to go about when killing these? Currently i go with a empty War tortoise, and in my inventory 10 sharks, 1 anti fire, 1 super str, 1 super att, 2 prayer. Its enough to last my a full BoB + inventory full of bones. (sometimes i even have food to spare, depending on Shark drops) is this the best way for me to do it? I only have 75 Summ, 72 Herblore (Dual wielding though, as a regular antifire seems to be enough) and 82 Prayer. Also, some people recommend me Legacy, while others recommend EoC. Which is better? (Dual wielding, Drygore Rapier, and a Enhanced Excal)
  11. Blister is thrown, Bow is arrow, the dragons have a weakness to arrows (I know to ranging in general, but arrows in particular) Or am i wrong?
  12. After Blisterwood didn't really work out that well (Really low accuracy, even with a range DFS) i decided to go with a Crystal bow. At first i tried ranging them at a distance, using antifire pot and protect magic, but i took alot of dmg. Then i decided to range them at Melee range, using Protect from Melee, wich worked out alot better, because at melee range, they don't attack with firebreath as much, and with Protect from Melee, their melee dmg is not that high.
  13. I got a Melee and a Magic DFS, do i really need a Range DFS (I heard if you wear melee while ranging/maging you do reduced dmg?)
  14. I think im going with the Blisterwood. Seems pretty decent. Thanks ;)
  15. Aight. Gotta do that quest sometime soon :P Got my cape now, after 3 tries. Funny thing though i noticed, its a Melee cape, but you NEED it in order to damage Ice Strykewyrms, which are weak to Magic. So you gotta use a Melee cape when attacking them with Magic? Or are there like the upgraded firecape, a Range and magic version?
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