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  1. Okay, so I know I haven't been doing this often, so here's an update! Went to a drop party, now have 30m cashstack. Got to 85 Herblore, Got super anti-fire potions. Killed QBD!! - 140k Drop! YAY! ^_^
  2. Bandos drop! will show the splits (I recorded them, but forgot to screenshot at the time -.-) BUT YAY! *EDIT* This was an hour and a half trip with one other person
  3. I noticed that, you could always make your own runes though? Get runecrafting and mining, if you were to mine your own essence. But anyway, gz on your current level! ^_^
  4. # Quest complete! Last quest (A Void Dance), then move onto another Dominion tower quest! ^_^
  5. Woo, Working my way towards "A Void Dance"! (This will earn me one less quest towards the dominion tower! :D)
  6. Yeah! I really wasn't expecting it! :o Hoping obviously, but I never get jack when it comes to drops, so a good day. :D
  7. Okay, I was bored, so I went and killed Tormented Wraiths, just to see, and behold! This drop was about 30-40 kills in, will post if I get another one ^_^!
  8. Unfortunately, no drops :c just my luck, So I sold my slayer tab, and it totaled.. 1.7m Woo! so I've started using another money making method, and it seems to be woring rather well, 600k/700kGP/H (Depending on spawn time) can be made here, so it's very simple, fast, and effective to make cash!
  9. Going to Corp for a while, Will post an image if we get a split, but it's highly unlikely, oh well. Hopefully I'll get something.
  10. Thanks for the luck! ^_^ and yeah, a drops a drop, unless it's 50k, from Bandos, then it's just.. I don't even know what XD! I would go for turmoil, but it's expensive at the moment, and yeah, I quests :')
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