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  1. Well I find a new thing I don't like...I used to go to Kuradel for slayer task. Guess what? Not strong enough now. I have a bad feeling about this...
  2. I still don't understand why the combat lvl was taken down. I didn't liked the idea, and I still don't like it. That Jagex balanced the combat triangle, thats a good thing I guess. 1. The amount of damage done shown in graphics is horrible. 2. Scaling the cb lvl, what was wrong with lvl 200? 138 is so random... 3. Regenerate graphic...yuk I hope I can find things that I DO like. But def not going to do legacy. There is only 1 thing that crosses my mind: all those people that nagged Jagex about "the old runescape was better!" have won...it makes me sad. For me, the game died a little.
  3. With 50 farming I think you should stick to the rannar, or try toadflax for a change. Dwarf weed is #1 herb in high demand. I found lantadyme in high demand too, but in your case...prob stick to the rannar or try toadflax.
  4. Bossing is out of the question. But as said, you might be able to kill blue dragons in Taverly Dungeon. The hides and bones are kinda worth it I guess. Dragon bones are always in demand for prayer.
  5. And Catherby lodestone is not even 10 second walk to fishing shop for that matter. So it is just about people being to lazy to teleport to a lodestone?
  6. I wouldnt say I discovered it, but it caught my attention that a shell is worth some thing and people dont mention it for some easy moneymaking.
  7. Tortoises are weak to air spells and only lvl 72 but I used Bandos tassets, boots and chest, ags, neitzinot helmet, ring of wealth and glory amulet. There are only 3 tortoises there, and 1 has 3 gnomes on his back, and they attack you when you kill the tortoise. But I slash through them like they dont exist. The gnomes are ranger, mage and melee guy. Lvl 72 too. Att: 76 Str: 79 Def: 77 Certainly, for some lower levels it would be good to get some easy money. The thing is: I cant think of something that nets the same wealth, in that time, and without the effort.
  8. So here I am, at Gnome Tree Village. I was a little bored and I was scrolling through my bank. I saw tortoise shells in my bank and figured out they were worth 16K! I tried to kill the tortoises in Gnome Tree Village, allthough its really easy kill. I ended up with 12 shells in 15-20 minutes. Wich is a total of 194K. Today I went back, now I ended up with 16 shells wich is worth 259K with no real effort, and no real time wasting. Tortoises drop 1-3 shells when they drop, and I found out its not a really rare drop either. My question: am I just being very very lucky with the drops? Is it really worth it to be 30 minutes there and fill an inventory with shells a day or so? And the question from title: is it a moneymaker?
  9. It's IMO not very good to say: Slayer is crap, expecially when you are under 83. Please explain it then. Slayer gives decent money. Especially Abberant Spectres. They drop so much herbs, it's even profit when you use ppots. Every task I get 2 or 3 addy platelegs, a robe bottom, and then I won't mention torstol and snapdragon seeds. Chaldear comes up with blue drags, pretty much. So the bones and hides make you money. And that with slayer levels lower then 83. Moneymakers: farm herbs. Really, farm them. You can get some nice seeds from pickpocketing Master Farmers, ánd when you do slayer, you have a chance of herb seed drops. Pick something you like. Fishing can gain some good cash, when you go for monks, sharks, lobsters, cave fish and rock fish. If you don't have the two quests to go for MTK, do them. MTK yields good profit when you sell the herbs. Be sure to set 5 on fish, and 10 on herbs for the best result. Dragon killing is good, green dragons that is. The bones and hides are worth good money. Pick the best set-up, maybe some food, and slay in CT. When your iventory is full, bank, repeat. Investing 800K in hides, and tan them in Al Kharid even profits you. Red hides, green hides, blue hides, black hides (in that order from most profit, to not so much profit). Barrows is gambling imo. You can end up with runes, wich you can sell offcourse, all the time. Or you are very lucky and get a barrow piece in your first ten runs. The game is fun, and you can get an nice amount of money, but it isn't sure you will gain lots of profit from the start.
  10. There are Greaters in the Wilderness Volcano I believe, but they are spread out to. Maybe not much. I think the Jellie is winning here. Lots of them to kill, easy kill, and good drop rate. Maybe a test on this will give some insight. And I mean some, because getting a clue is a way of luck.
  11. Sawmill is a little better, and when using crystal saw, your exp will go up more. But you need to focus on the jobs. Ivy is a less exp an hour, but AFKing. If you can't focus for an hour on doing just the jobs, you are better off at Ivy's and do something while cutting. But if you want the 99, and you can focus, do the jobs at the sawmill.
  12. I love my Sara Sword. I didn't had the money for SGS, but it works well on my tasks. It's about 11 mil max. The zammy spear is very usefull if you do slayer at Kuradel. As she assigns living rock creatures and Waterfiends more often then Duradel I heard from a friend. Well, the waterfiends, Duradel don't assign Living rocks. Zammy spear crush attack wins from SS crush attack. But since the zammy spear is like 4 mil, investing 15 mil in good weapons can be nice. Berserker ring is very good too. Little expensive. If you don't wish to buy it, maybe warrior ring, +4 to slash when you use whip. Maybe get your prayer up, or herblore. You deffnitly want the extreme pots/overload. But raising that will cost you lots of money. So making a wise decision is up to you :)
  13. In the chaos tunnels there is no safespot. So you should tank them there, by using B2P tabs or cast. In the smokey well, they are spread out, but there are safespots. Don't forget your facemask/masked earmuffs/slayer helmet.
  14. If you decide to go for 99 WC (and with 2 weeks time, and "only" 3 mil exp to go) get your butt to: Ivy, best exp, AFKing, or: sawmill, more clicking, better xp then ivy some say. As I had to look up your stats, because I'm on a lacky computer, I see that there is 1 skill, that jumps out. Herblore. Lowest skill. Be sure to set MTK on 10 herbs, 5 fish. Sell the herbs you don't use, and try to level herblore. In the end, you can get the upper hand in combat. Be sure to do slayer. You make money, ánd, when you put much time in RS, you don't want to just click and wait. And a higher slayer level means some nice creatures will pass. Last thing: if you can find a good team, try some monster hunting. It's a challenge, and fun. Be sure to get some players with 90+ melee stats in a team and kill in the evening, or when you're all online.
  15. I think it can work well. The granite shield provides good range def. But with your stats, you can try other armour too. Switch the black dragonhide body with a platebody for instance. I used that too, worked also good. Aviansies have no range def. So hitting them won't be hard. As I said: play with it, in the long run you can manage to get the best armour set-up that works for you. Oh, can you tell me why you use mithril or adamanite bolts? You can buy broad bolts on GE. They are lower in price, and hit as good as mithril, little less then addy. But if you have them, and you feel good, use them ofcourse :) Oh en when you grapple the wall, you don't need a bandos item. I only wear it to prevent getting attacked when I enter, and when I walk around. I don't like getting attacked ;)
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