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  1. Runescape owners should stop beating the bush and implement microtransaction. That's pretty much what the deal is with these Squal stuff only that they are trying to come off as morally good. "We care for our players". WRONG.
  2. I needed a new computer monitor. After searching for one on a giveaway site i finally found one (it took time). Because you get alot of compeition from other users of the site, many of them who just wait for valueable items for them to pick up when someone gives it away. So i went to the persons house who was giving away this flat screen monitor. When i met the guy, he seemed like a nice person. And i asked shortly after "Is there any problem with the monitor?", you know just to be sure i wasn't taking a trainwreck of a item with me. Even if it's free, useless stuff is not worth crap if it doesn't serve it's purpose well. However, before any dialogue revolving my question could happen my brother (who had come along with me) said "It's free stuff, you shouldn't complain". So i let it pass. The giver seemed really nice. Now prior to getting a new monitor, i dumped my old one at a eletronics store for recycling. Now after having used this monitor for quite sometime, i have experienced the issues it has. 1) Quite often, autobrightness comes up. It takes the brightness up to 100. And if you fight it by taking it down, your just delaying the inevetible. Very annoying because i have brightness at 0. Sometimes autobrightness not only happens twice, but three times or more. 2) Menu appearing, and flashing. Off , on, off, on,off,on....and it goes on like that. 3) Auto adjust, before i started writing happen this auto adjusted happened like 10 times in row. There does not seem to be any fix for it. Getting to the point.... People like this who give away stuff that is so broken that it gets on the nerves of the user are simply arseholes. Nowhere did the giver state the monitor had issues like this. You could say "Your own fault for not making sure it didn't have problems". I don't think the giver would answer truthfully question that includes the words broken, error, problems etc. So yeah, people like this are arseholes. And i hope the people who dump their trash on other people (because they are lazy arseholes) experiences the frustration that they inflict on said people tenfold. Tell your story if you have one. I am sure you do, alot of scum humans in this world.
  3. Please delete thread.
  4. I made someone sell my uncharged glories for charged ones. I also made someone pay the person selling my uncharged for charged glories. I also paid that person paying other person.
  5. I highly doubt that will work, tens of thousands of players use the penguin chats each week. There are around 100 ranks, between 1 and 3 ranks in a chat at a time for a few hours, the likelihood of one of them seeing someone in there (if they even speak) and remembering their name is very slim. Theres also a high chance that any other D&D or minigame chat will see you as disruptive and end up kicking you. It's worth a try, and you can talk to a admin on private message instead of in the chat. That way you won't disrupt the chat. + If your willing to give 1M to a admin for going over the chat to check for the person - then i bet they will do that. And if someone really needs to find their friends, then 5M will definetly help.
  6. I wanted to make this topic to help others with issues of finding lost friends in Runescape. First of all you need to understand your friends activitiy if he or she is playing Runescape or not. If yes, then observe what your friend is doing. Leveling skills? Which ones? Dungeoneering? Construction? Boss hunting? Let's take standpoint in Dungeoneering ok? Let's say your friend's name is Xy2. Your job then is to find all the popular Dungeoneering chats. Ask their adminstrators and moderators to keep an eye out for Xy2 if he/she enters the chat. And if that happens then a moderator can say "Hey Xy2, your friend Xy3 is looking for you add him!". You can also give a reward to whoever finds your friend. Example, 300K cash for whoever spots Xy2 and tells him or her that your looking for him/her. So when Xy2 pms you, you can ask "Who gave you my message that i looked for you?". Xy2 answers "IT was XPlayer". You then reward Xplayer with 300K. This approach won't be always be successful, but it's better than nothing. But let's say your friend is leveling skills related to the minigame Stealing Creations which from what i remember has couple popular chats. I remember Fast_sc. Then you can go THAT chat (fast_sc) and ALL other POPULAR sc chats, and tell them "Look out for my friend please". And promising a cash or item reward may motivated the moderators or chat users to help you. Another chat that is universally used in Runescape is Penguin chats. So whatever skill a player is leveling, majority of Rs players do penguins. So contacting penguin chats is a very smart move. I hope this will help you find your friend.
  7. I know i am a bit stupid. But what's more stupid than my small dose of stupidity is everyone constantly saying "add x to ~/.emacs file". I mean you have a tutorial or tips saying to add something to a certain file. So aren't you failing in helping people with your tutorial/tips if person doesn't know where ~/.emacs file is because you assume that person knows it? My ranting aside, could someone please tell me where to find ~/.emacs file. I want to add abbrevations, i googled a bit but because i don't understand english that well i didn't find any solutions. So where is this cursed file?
  8. Winter has arrived, and your in your room. It's dark outside. Your on your computer. You leave the room and proceed to bathroom. After your leave bathroom you get some food and return to your room. In your room there is no curtains. And you've used garment hangers to hang your pants and jacket on the curtain hanger. Not to far below the clothes is a radiator drying the clothes. You realize you need to dry your hands more from bathroom visit. As you do that, you briefly look towards the window where the clothes are hanging. All of sudden you see a skull looking thing appearing from above the bottom of the window's glass. Your heart stops. And the next second you realize it's just the paper tissue your holding in your hands. It had reflected onto the window giving a illusion that there was something outside. This happened to me and i wanted to share this. I've had similar experience before. It may sound very trivial but believe me when my heart stopped - that was crazy. In my head i had a rough picture of a undead looking zombie with bald head, so when i saw what i saw i pictured that. This is similar to what i had in mind: http://gallery.burrowowl.net/index.php?q=/image/15976.jpg Again, i thought i saw the head (a bald one) of a undead creature like that. So yeah...windows are scary shit.
  9. Considering Jagex is doing petty microtransaction cloaked in form of "not gambling" and so on - i don't say "Way to go Jagex" when they ban RWTers. Though i am against RWT in a game because it ruins a game balance i don't believe Runescape has that much balance anymore. And it's caused by Jagex. So when Jagex banns Rwters who disrupt balance - then they should also bann themself.
  10. Those options are availble to everyone if they use money. There is no alternative option to get a Soloman item or Auras other than having to go through paying for three months membership or buying "coins". And because there is no alternative option (i haven't played rs in long time so if i am wrong let me know), you have to pay. There are seriously players who are cosmetic based, and they enjoy playing Runescape by having fancy items. This is ONE branch of players - fashion players. When they have to pay for cosmetic items for example - then how is that fair to them? They have no other choice. As for Aura, i paid for membership once. Then i was told i had to register my email to receive aura points. So i did. Then i bought another membership after first one expired. Did i get any of the lousy 100 points for first time? No, i received 0 aura despite registring before second membership. You should be able to buy membership when it suites you i.e when you want to play Runescape. But the whole member loyalty programme kinda puts a pressure on players, because if they buy membership in january, stop playing in february and buy again in March - they receive 0 or very little points. I have seriously thought the idea of paying for membership for points despite not wanting or not being able to play Runescape (i have thought that). However, i know that's unhealthy obssession. And by pressuring people to pay for membership to gain advantages, people loose out on playing Runescape. Because their purpose with paying is to gather points, and they put their interest in playing the game those certain months aside. I think Jagex should have a passive stance towards bots (but still effective actions). For example they should focus on expanding the game resources, but at same time try to find out a way players can join in on killing bots. Making bot killing part of the game. That would be a genius thing. Implementing bot killing as part of the game. This would create another type of player = bot killer. However, if they can figure out how to implement bot killing into the game then i suggest focusing on that alot. But that is if they have a good fundament for killing bots - a fundament that bot programmers can't beat without alot of effort. And as bot programmers update their scripts - Jagex could follow up fast and update their bot killing skill/minigame. I did not mean that you should make botting permissible by the way. And whether a botter bots his or her way to lvl 138 or not - how does that really affect you? I mean Jagex should as i said create a way to allow players to kill bots at resource spots as part of the game, but really if a botter gets 1 bill money - it doesn't affect me one bit. However, if someone forced ME to bot - then that would ruin the point of playing. But as i said Jagex have done things that are against the spirit of the game with Soloman and Squeal. Now if i am wrong tell me but have you noticed that there are quite a big amount of fashion players in Runescape (usually at Varrock center)? Don't you think it's unfair to those players that they have to pay for cosmetics?
  11. I didn't have much problems with bots in Runescape. Jagex is compareable to bots in way they disrupt the game balance by making people get better fashion items with money, or get auras by paying money month after month instead of the choice to pay for a month when you can and want to play Runescape(healthy playing). And it seems with Squeal and Soloman's shop that this disrupting of game balance have been taken up a notch. At one point they may sell items. Then the question all of you who dislike bots can ask yourself "If Jagex is ruining the spirit of game by allowing people to buy items, which devalues the achievement of people who played Runescape the RIGHT WAY, then what's the big problem with bots then?". One can also ask the question: is it better to fight bots or not? For example, prices go down. There will be comptition at monster spots (non boss ones), but then you can use little money to buy pots to go kill big bosses which are places bots aren't to good at. And if Jagex expanded Runescape map and monster spots, then it should theoretically keep certain big boss areas empty for many non botters plus skilling spots for non combat players. Instead of focusing to much attention on bots (who will probably be around at end of Runescape), one should focus on improving the community spirit, the gameplay of Runescape and fairness of the game. If you improve community - you will have a bunch of players volunteering to fight bots. If you improve gameplay - happy players. Happy players creates potential more volunteers. And if you update Runescape in a fair way (Soloman is not fair for example), then players will again be happy and show respect back to the company.
  12. Going to settings and checking out storage: SD card - roughly 13 MB storage left Internal Storage - 111 MB storage left And my questions are: What´s point with the 111 MB storage when i can´t access it? And how can i access it if possible?
  13. I am sure there are more Dungeon Siege inspired content in Runescape than i have observed. You won't notice things if your not looking for it. So if i played Dungeon Siege 1 and 2 again with knowledge of Runescape gameplay, i could probably find more similarities.
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