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  1. So Jagex is stupid for putting a kinda reasonable 98 req lamp in for a task set devoted to a skill that runs to 120 and requires at least 1 lvl 98 because of the choice YOU personally have made to limit your play style and await the turning on of bonuses for div? They're dumb for making the elite rewards for a task set about Daemonheim essentially only useful for gaining DG xp. Amplified by the fact that they could've just as easily made it a 99+ req lamp (or make it usable on DG only) and cement the point they're trying to make, but no, they make it 98+, helping a few people out and flipping the bird to everyone else. As if no one would see it and think, " Oh, I get it. I don't really get to choose where to drop this xp because only a few options make sense. Clever". That is the stupidest argument against the lamp being 98+ req I've seen. There are 26 skills to level, are you saying that no one has any sitting at 98 that they may want to use a lamp on? Or what about the amount of players who are holding off claiming any of the rewards from the diary to boost div? No one is going to think to do the same for the 98 lamp in any skill they choose to wait for?
  2. Welcome to the latest edition of the Premier Club Newsletter! Divination is coming this month! By training this all-new skill, you'll find yourself at the forefront of a new age of discovery, gathering valuable resources and weaving the very threads of fate in your favour: Portents and signs: These handy items activate automatically - no clicks required - under certain conditions. The portent of restoration, for example, will heal you when you fall below 50% health, and the sign of life will protect you from a killing blow. Portents are carried in the inventory, and signs are equipped in the pocket slot. Blaze a trail: You'll pioneer a new field of research as you discover the art of Divination alongside Orla Fairweather and her team! Stay at the cutting edge outside of game too, with a fresh new hiscore table. Dungeoneering: Divination will affect many aspects of the game, and the murky depths of Daemonheim are no exception. There'll be doors that can only be accessed by those versed in Divination, and portents of passage will allow you to access other skill doors for which you don't otherwise have the levels. Enhanced Gathering: Divination is a gathering skill in its own right, and will sit alongside the next skill, which is coming to RuneScape in 2014, but it also benefits many of your other gathering skills. You'll be able to transmute resources into smaller amounts of higher-tier resources - yew logs into magic logs, for example - and there'll be a new group of items that'll give you and those around you a quick burst of resources and skill training. We've got some cracking content on the way in the coming months too: New Trees and Logs: All-new flora for your woodcutting pleasure. Dungeoneering Task Set: Pun-tastic fun down below, with an amazing aura reward that's useful both in and out of Daemonheim! Missing, Presumed Death: An epic quest, involving the shadowy Sliske himself. Birthright of the Dwarves: An iconic RuneScape storyline continues in this all new quest - as voted for by the community! RuneFest 2013 is being held on the 2nd of November at the Tobacco Dock in London, UK. Keep an eye on the RuneScape News for all the latest information!
  3. Wasnt a manual rollback. Every few minutes the games records the status of every player online. When the server crashed, everyone reverted to their last save effectively mimicking a rollback. So many instances of Vorago are messing up the servers big time. Hopefully they'll have it fixed soon because you know they aren't going to remove Vorago to fix it as the only way to know if a patch works is too see if it does publicly. They wouldn't have rolled out Vorago if they knew this would happen.
  4. The Wilderness is the Wilderness and I get it. I shouldn't enter it for the rewards it has if I don't want to die. But honestly, I just want to spy on one of two pengs. I don't wanna mine rune rocks or train on monsters out there. It's not very fun when pk'er takes cheap shots at you knowing you won't fight back. The serious lack of honor is what bothers me at even that level bothers me. I'd understand if I had something on me to lose. But it's not like the pengs give me money on the spot. So it really just waste my time when that happens. But it is what it is, and as said before, you must expect death to go in, so I just dust my shoulders off and die until I get what I want. The only reason for them to attack is to increase their kill count for Wildstalker hats. Easy kills for fast levelling.
  5. It seems fairly likely that in the near(ish) future a mining and smithing overhaul update will happen lowering the skill level to make those items but for that to happen they will need to plan content for levels 50+ which may in turn make those skills valuable again, for a short while at least. The issue exists that PVM is a great way to make money and that money is normally spent on artificially increasing the speed those players can level buyable skills which makes them less niche and this stems all the way back to the games original design plan; any player can do anything, no classes or restrictions on any content based on player decisions.
  6. *Fixed But the point is fair. This game is community driven, therefore if the vast majority are opposed to something, it makes sense that it would be restricted/prevented. Democracy!
  7. [hide] Shelter Available All Aided and Balance on all Things [/hide]
  8. [hide] Think this is right [/hide]
  9. Since it doesn't look like it will hit 500k but will be so damn close, I'd say Jagex's best move would be to mix the 250k tier and 500k tier services. Keep the small team and no new features but.... Put in the anti-bot and anti-goldfarmer tech Give the servers weekly maintenance and either scrap the additional fee making it come with normal RS membership or make it an alternate fee for 07scape without normal RS membership.
  10. Having a similar problem, says I don't have the required Java even though it's the latest with latest chrome.
  11. I reckon Display names as usernames of new accounts are email addresses. Don't reckon Jagex will want to put that information out there.
  12. 65 less quests if you want precision. And just because I didn't remember every detail of the post doesn't mean I didn't read it. High def came with the runetek 4 engine which came about in 2009. 2007 Runescape is Runetek 3. Remember that alot of players that miss 2007 RuneScape miss the poor graphics back then, if Jagex start updating them they will get pissy.
  13. Assuming 10th August 2007 is the backup, 2007scape wont have the following: 65 of 187 Quests will be gone -edit- GWD Only Karamja Task Diary Ourania RCing Clan Chat Assist's or Item lending Summoning Dungeoneering GE Clan Wars or Bounty Hunter D&D's Logout Timer @ 90 seconds instead of 5 minutes again? Soul Wars Deposit All Most Make-X features High level herblore e.g Overloads Kuradel and her Dungeon Strykewyrms Slayer Challenges RuneSpan Bonfires Lodestones Etc... So yeah... Should be interesting to see what the 2007 version players miss from the modern version when they are playing.
  14. 01/02/2013 - 00:00 This weekend, Yelps is making a crucial update to Squeal of Fortune by replacing most gold prizes with Cash Bags. What’s the difference between Cash Bags and regular gold prizes? The amount of gold you receive upon opening a Cash Bag depends on your skill levels. Cash Bags complement your adventure far better than before, offering everyone a more balanced and rewarding experience – your prizes are tailored for you. Cash Bags come in three sizes: Small bags land you between 750 and 10,000 coins. Medium grants you 7,500 to 100,000 coins. Large bags yield 75,000 to 1,000,000 coins. This brand new item is replacing all gold prizes on the wheel, with the exception of the 200 million coin prize, which is still up for grabs for those with considerable luck on their side. To see in this new addition, Squeal of Fortune is holding a massive gold blowout: all Cash Bags opened this weekend will grant twice the coins! Keep in mind: once you’ve won a bag, you need to open it this weekend to earn your double winnings. Cash Bags will yield double the coinage starting Friday 1st February 00:00 GMT until Monday 4th February 23:59 GMT. Following the weekend they’ll be a permanent fixture, serving up their regular rewards. If you want to know more about Cash Bags, check out the official FAQ. You can purchase spins here, or by clicking 'Add Spins' next to the wheel in Squeal of Fortune. Don’t forget that subscribing will bag you two daily spins instead of one! The RuneScape Team
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