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  1. I haven't looked too deeply but has anyone discussed the state of affairs that is the fact that more people play old school than eoc? I checked numbers posted few days and consistently there are more players on old school than eoc, not by much but there are more consistently. I wonder if a time well ever come when they put more effort into old school over eoc? Apologize if anything seems off, using Swype on phone atm so that auto correct could be exciting lol.
  2. From a fellow Tip.It'er, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! If you would like some extra fun, don't forget to drop in on the Forum Games! ^_^

  3. I believe the conversion rate is 10-1 so you could get about 2m
  4. You could also just rake the farming plot for the farm xp, but yeh burthorpe seems like the new ideal place for JoT. I just ran all over the first time I did it, fished in taverly, mined in barb village. Ha i ran everywhere, took me like 10 minutes
  5. Anyone inform me if you can save up the points over the days, or do you have to hand them in before doing another day's work etc?
  6. Is it just me, or has no one said anything about how they didn't release the dwarf quest last month, also didn't say anything about it in this behind the scenes?
  7. I played the hell out of Star Ocean (Think I got around 65 hours playtime into it) I had the strategy guide so I knew all the tricks etc. I guess the final boss was a measly lv 64, but there was a special boss I forget the name now but it was a white thing at the top of some tower 99 floors or something and I think it was like lv 250. I never did beat the boss cause it would always use this 1 move that decimated my party, and I think the fight was a 30 minute fight usually even if you won. The .hack series was good, but it just got way too repetitive. I really wanted to beat the final game but the repetitive nature of it kept me from finishing the final game and I sold them all off. I did like the mini series movie that came with the games though if that counts lol.
  8. I am trying to just log in this morning, and I just watched 1/2 of the servers crash to offline, webpage is down, lobby is screwed. What is goin on? I guess I am going to go play dark souls for a while now until this figure this bs out.
  9. I want jagex to reply about this! Jagex: "Vorago is working as planned"
  10. You cannot teleport out of the boss fight. At least I tried to teleport with tele tablet and it didn't work. You have to die and then when you go back to cave select enter graveyard and you will go to a room with lots of graves in it, find yours.
  11. I started playing early 2001. I was 13 at the time lol, only major detail I can remember is that there was no runite and my friend gave me 2k and an addy baxe when I started and was able to equip it right away. My original first account was wadie, my friends original account was travmania88.
  12. One of the best montages out there in my opinion. There are some really really Terribad people who play BC2 on the pc apparently. 85% of the things he did in that video wouldn't be done on the console versions so easily, those people I watched him kill are just terrible. The montage is really cool though, but the people who play on pc, really bad.
  13. Can I get the Colored thing for 18 min warp and 17 min Abandoned keyed, if there is 1 for 17 min abandoned lol. Don't have picture for 18m warp but Rocked/Tui/Pfohl/Blade were in it and can verify 17m abd
  14. He has 4 empty spaces. Of course he needs food. Plus there are 4 spaces missing in that inventory screen, so who knows if the other 4 spots were filled :rolleyes: also he has a Bouldabass, you can't have anything less then a salve for a boss or you might not have enough food :ohnoes:
  15. Dakr06

    E3 2011

    I look at it as a Wii controller combined with I-pad, DS, and the wii controller. It is way too big for it to be comfortable at all. When you play like a golf game, they showed the person looking down on the thing on the ground and it showed the ball in the sand on the screen, then hitting it out with the club. Interesting Idea but I think its a waste of time.
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