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  1. I have always had wifi and I have never had a problem with the connection unless I lose power
  2. Zackeri


    It said my old name was still on the highscores so it couldn't change
  3. Is it possible to delete a runetrack.org account?
  4. Zackeri

    C2 fishing

    90+ for blue crabs and cave morays
  5. There is no ggs in comp 1 floors
  6. Zackeri


    Any updated/post eoc kiln guides anywhere besides smokey's?
  7. How do I change range now? Can I still chin or is it terrible xp? Where is a place for fast range xp?
  8. Anyone else have any other tips? Thanks firebird
  9. I am currently racing a friend of mine to max cape, but slayeris holding me back. Any tips/tricks for slaying effectively? What tasks do I block? What tasks do I skip? What tasks do I cannon? Any minigames for daily/weekly xp I can Put towards slayer? Should I try and focus on monster weaknesses or just kill everything with melee? How long would it take from 75-99 slayer playing atleast 2 hours a day slaying?
  10. Zackeri


    Hello, I am currently level 96 dung with 99 attack/defense, I have a hood and primal battle axe bound along with csb for ammo, I primarily key, so would it be beneficial to get primal plate/legs as my 3/4 binds? I can't use a hex since I am 90 range, any tips are appreciated
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