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  1. Iv been thinking of these people saying u have to have all the rares all skills 99 max money epic gear Etc .. What do u people think?!
  2. I got kicked out I'm 16 atm and looking for a job as my girlfreinds pregnant my perents kicked me out I was homeless for 1 week sleeping on roofs benches shed (etc) school aint for me especialy if I need to make a living.
  3. I'm only 16 and looking for one as I aint in school What was your first job?
  4. My first number one goal is to get 99 Mining 99 Firemaking 99 Cooking What are Yours ?:)
  5. Ah that's realy cool iv always wanted to do that when I get sons ! Hehe :)
  6. Ok thanks and how long would this take ?
  7. So its possible but I just have to ignore the prices?
  8. Oh thanks for that but say I would buy logs for 15-99 fletching how much would it cost me? -thanks
  9. http://m.wikihow.com/Get-99-Fletching-With-20K 1.Is this outdated or would it still be possible to use 2.How long would it roughly take -thanks
  10. Sorry I'm a noob to this stuff what's the right way ?
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