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  1. A little bit longer apparently...
  2. Dual wield is used for momentum. whip < korasi < vine whip He literally said momentum after naming two weapons you dual wield with? :') Thanks for all the replies though, I'm gonna make my start soon :)
  3. I'm looking for melees as fast as possible at the minute, just to grind out a couple of levels to DG a little bit more efficiently :) I know i need to do slayer eventually (and soon, if nothing else to get the whip vine) but i just want a couple of melee levels atm :) Thanks for all the replies though, i only ever seem to get ranged (bolts) tasks with Kuradel -.-
  4. Hey guys, just wondering what the best xp is for training melees 90+? I maul, korasi's, and whip with EE, so i can train most places, doesn't have to be AFK (since i assume best xp/h is ability-based) but i'm thinking about maxing, and don't wanna be wasting my time. Thanks!
  5. Hey, i'm looking for someone to join me (and potentially my friend) in doing some bossing. We're both new, but both have combats almost all 90+ with mauls. I also have 95 prayer. Let me know, we're willing to do any boss, just to get a bit of money!
  6. Can you pot to make scrimshaws in PoP?
  7. What spell for 86 magic? Have access to ancients, if that helps
  8. Not read back since I last saw it but people were wondering about Lacquer? This just popped up, i've done 2 hook missions so far (and really wouldn't be able to hit the 10k it's asking for) but it does exist :)
  9. Logged in, checked my voyage, collected the rewards, then it said the same ship (the other wasn't away) had finished a voyage, and it seems to think i've completed 'No Voyage Selected'. Heh.
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