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  1. I checked, and its not in the bank. Also checked the aquarium and its not in there either. I guess I'll just keep on fishing then, thanks.
  2. I've been at cavefish for almost 50 hrs now, using the crystal fishing rod, and have not gotten the cavefish egg. I've searched online, and have found nothing that says it does prevent getting eggs, so I'm probably just really unlucky, but I thought I'd just check here first.
  3. I know that u can do the training scroll more than once, and win bonus cosmetic overrides, but can you win the normal rewards, such as the prismatic star and lamp, every time you finish the scroll, or only the first time?
  4. KBD and the 4 main GWD bosses count towards it. QBD doesn't. I'm not sure about others though.
  5. How much of a difference is mainland ccb + DL darts vs royal crossbow? I have enough tokens for the crossbow, but I'm not sure if I want to get it though, as I'm not going to end up using it for too long.
  6. I'm thinking about getting 95-99 ranged at QBD, and because I can't afford Ascensions or noxious bow yet, I'm thinking that I should use either a royal crossbow with dbane bolts, or death lotus darts. But which is better?
  7. Wikia says that most bosses don't count, but I'm pretty sure both KBD and Graardor counted when I killed them. Do any other bosses count towards the challenge?
  8. I am going for Tuska warpriest set on my ironman acc, and I was wondering if it was worth getting full set for the effect, or can I ignore getting certain parts (such as cape and gloves) that I already have a better choice for? Or should I go for zam/sara set instead? If so, can I ignore getting certain pieces or get full set?
  9. What's different about blue charms? Can't you just sell and buy the water talismans to the shop, and turn the pouches into scrolls, same as crimsons? And I'll scratch doing steel titans. The 3k geysers and yaks should be all I need for 99 anyway, I just wanted to go for higher rank.
  10. I plan on making 10.5k pouches (3k geyser and yak, 4.5k steel) with the enlightenment aura when it comes out. I have some questions first. Can I make all this in an hour? I'm pretty sure I've seen people saying up to 16k can be made an hour, but I could be wrong. How much would selling and buying back the materials at the shop cost?
  11. I'm having trouble with the nihil fight in Fate of the Gods. I've been using duo korasi's and T70 ghost hunter armour, and can't even kill one. So I have 2 questions. What combat style should I use? RS wikia says melee is the best choice, which is why I've been trying that, but is it? I have Greater runic staff for mage and hand cannon for ranged. Which order should I kill them in? I've been trying to kill the ice one first, but haven't even been able to kill it yet.
  12. I thought they rebuffed it slightly a day after they nerfed it. Anyway, if it hasn't been rebuffed or improved after its nerf, I guess I won't bother getting it for now.
  13. I know that dark light was really good for a while, then nerfed really bad for a while, and then un-nerfed slightly. But how does it perform now, more specifically, against water fiends, compared to a hand cannon? I haven't done the Dimension for Disaster quest yet, so I was wondering if it was still worth getting.
  14. Yea, I did a few trips before and was only getting like 25 bones per trip with a full war tort of lobsters, as well as 20 in inventory (I should definitely get better food). Is it also worth the time to get the secondaries for super pots? I know, creating an altar isn't the issue (plus I have the logs for 75 anyway, just haven't bothered to get it yet), I was just wondering if its actually worth getting or just getting dragonrider amulet.
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