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  1. For the companion food, I'd use monkfish. Cheese wheels are another good alternative to the basket of strawberries for the ghast event.
  2. Is there any specific reason that the fury is dropping so hard? (I've been away from the game for a whiiile.) RS Knowledge Base
  3. potatohead


    I'm full of irony. And sarcasm. And chocolate. I'm just fed up with all THE END IS NIGH crap everybody is hung up on recently, and needed a place to vent. That's all there is to it. Of course Runescape is dying. Humans start dying as soon as they're born. It's life.
  4. potatohead


    Irony, anyone? I really don't understand the melodrama nowadays... you can't unlock every bit of an update in a day, so you rage and quit? lolwut? I just love the way the community as a whole thinks now. If it takes more time to get an -OPTIONAL- aspect of the game, that slightly speeds up another skill (which one might enjoy less than the minigame), than it actually boosts said skill, everybody whines and complains about it; calls it useless, inefficient, a 'pointless' update. This most recent update is a nod to everyone that actually has -GASP- fun playing the minigames in runescape... why are people grinding for it? Doesn't that defeat the purpose of it entirely? If you enjoy the grinding aspect of the game, and getting maximum experience for every second you play, do what makes you happy. If I were you, though, I wouldn't get my hopes up for an update that is going to cut down massively on the time to my goal, whatever it may be. It's unlikely that they're going to baby you to the top. You're not special. If you're not having fun, quit, and discontinue your jihad on everyone's enjoyment. Nobody will miss you. (If my grammar is lacking, or I come across as abrasive, it's most likely because I am incredibly intoxicated.)
  5. This. Unspam: First elite clue, spent a good hour and a half tracking it down, and I got this. :wall: :wall: Why do I have such terrible luck...
  6. I forgot that trying to make a point on these forums is like trying to scream directions to a group of people across a stadium during a football game: nobody understands what's going on, and in the end, one person is angry, and the rest look stupid.
  7. Because nobody wants them. Personally? I've never had a cashpile bigger than 20m. My (melee) combat stats are damn near 90 and up. I think we have different definitions of "easy".
  8. The game needs more untradeable high level equipment. The whole concept of Nex armor is [developmentally delayed]. It requires lvl 80 combat stats to use, and requires damn near a maxed account to GET (unless you want to spend an absurd amount of money that can only really be MADE by high level monster hunting). They need to lower the levels of making/mining rune ores to 60 (or even 40); that's when rune stops being useful. Add more useful high level smithing content. Who cares if it devalues Nex/GWD armor...? Oh yeah... people making absurd amounts of money by getting it. <_<
  9. That poll was posted in 09 (and only one person realized that somebody bumped a year old topic). :lol: 110 days and 10 hours for me, since 2007. 28,820exp/hr. A looooot better than I expected (especially considering how long I was f2p). :???:
  10. I've never actually seen anybody from the forums in game, so I was a wee bit excited. <3:
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