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  1. Yeah Trooper is a range tank class, which is quite interesting :P Troopers themselves are ranged, but the Vanguard advanced class is pretty much a close range class. They have a few 30m abilities, but the majority are sub 10m. If you want to be range then you should pick the Commando advanced class when it comes to the choice. To put it down simply, the two advanced classes. Vanguard is mid/close range Tank/DPS and Commando is Ranged DPS/Healer.
  2. Haha same here :P Actually I have a few more since I have two servers to look after :ohnoes: I'm living in the UK so I wanted to play on an EU server but I found out some old friends from LOTRO are playing so I wanted a character or two on their server as well. I originally wanted a Sith Sorcerer as well.. but I got kind of turned off when I saw that everyone and their mother was playing that class. I know that probably shouldn't affect my decision but.. meh :P After much bouncing around (and playing a Smuggler to level 15 before finally deciding I didn't like the combat mechanics), I think I've decided on playing a Jedi Knight but leaning towards the dark side :P Give yourself to the Dark side.
  3. I wanted to play Sith Sorcerer so I played Jedi Sage in the beta to get a feel for it and it stuck, so I'm a Sith Sorcerer. Saying that I have 7 other characters set up of the other 7 classes.
  4. I've been in since Tuesday, I'm on Frostclaw playing Sith Empire.
  5. Lol, I quit a while ago.

  6. It was a 49min floor I keyed, I was pissed off and tired after a failed Jad attempt (wasn't it like 1am too?). It was nice rage considering. I failed Jad again since. RS is great fun bro. Now get the completionist cape plz.

  7. Nice message and logout the other night.

  8. Yeah I always go UAV, Trap Airdrop, Stealth bomber and I'll always get through that at least 1.5 times, what annoys me is when people just sit on the last 3 of Assault/Support and get shit all for the game. Nice team work.
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