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  1. Cape, if you right click it, it gives you the title "The Real" Also, shiny lamp gave just under 5k agility xp at 85
  2. I'd rather we get afk whining next so we don't have to trawl through pages of waaaa it got made easier waaaa I don't like it waaa this ruined the game for every single update just to read info people are posting. Hey, I'm not complaining, I like it :)
  3. So afk firemaking after afk rc'ing.. Anyone for afk Agility next?
  4. Thankssss :D Was painstaking to hang on so long for these, but here they are: :D
  5. Might have done now ;) Should get 3 99s tomorrow, already finished off slayer on saturday, and today did 2.7m summoning xp to finish that one off and gained a further 2.2m prayer xp, soooooo now just 2m xp or so short of 99 prayer too, but its already banked just need to finish it off tomorrow =] O and Toast is noob.
  6. Not a bad time to camp ganodermics tbh :) The cash was from a few of the seeds i sold before taking the pic, so added it in, also 2 effigies in the time it took to get all that loot
  7. Soo kinda forgot to update for... 3 months? lol, blame cod tbh :) Just wanted to post about a funny trip to DK's i did last week, only came on runescape to help a friend get to rock lobsters, but thought i'd have a laugh doing solo dk's at the same time... Now that's how the pro's do it XD, as you can tell i wasnt wearing anywhere near the proper gear was just for a bit of fun :) Only got 18 kills (all on rex, apart from 1 supreme kill as i went in) and in those 18 kills got all of these lil drops :) About 8m in 20 minutes work :)
  8. They look quite nice :) FYI, I sold them for 6m when flakes only worth like 3.5 so was worth making :)
  9. Correct, and the flakes are dropped fairly often EDIT: And the spores are added to the staff
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