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  1. Ginger_Warrior


    The Sailing joke is still a running gag in-game on OSRS whenever a new reboot starts timing down. I joined the Reddit cc (HYT chat doesn't exist any more); if you speak to them about the last five years and look at RS3 player numbers, it's little wonder why numbers here have drifted down. While OSRS has been a huge success for Jagex (around 100k a few weeks ago following mobile OSRS release), RS3 only has 20k active weekly players now. The EoC update in late 2012 set RS3 on course for an ultimately terminal decline. Wikia has also replaced Tip.It and Zybez as the reference for game information. From an ex-staff viewpoint, that's hardly surprising. We would receive literally hundreds of reports every week, and there's only so fast we can process that information (working out what was wrong, deciding between false reports, editing the HTML etc). Wikis are simply a better medium for community-based collaboration.
  2. Ginger_Warrior


    I'm sorry to hear that. There's nothing anyone here can say that will make this better, but I hope they did everything they could to make her comfortable in her final days, and that she died peacefully. Hello Maddy! I'm also sorry to hear your bad news. The experience you've gained will make you a worthy candidate for other organisations who'll appreciate your worth, don't worry about that. Enjoy Italy--if you're going to Rome, it's a beautfiul city.
  3. Ginger_Warrior


    Think of the people you like being around. Chances are, they'll generally reflect positivity--talk about things they ARE doing rather than things they can't / don't have time for, talk about people they DO like rather than people who annoy them, talk about where they WANT to go in life rather than brood over the opportunities they've lost for whatever reason. My golden rule is that if there really is no positive way of looking at something, turn it into a joke, or else don't bother mentioning it to strangers or acquaintances. Your friends would probably care, but strangers won't.
  4. Ginger_Warrior


    First dates are generally hell for most people. It's not something anyone should beat themselves up over. Sometimes you click, sometimes you don't.
  5. Ginger_Warrior


    (Presumably) cis men telling women that rape culture doesn't exist? How refreshing.
  6. Ginger_Warrior


    Just to rewind (and de-escalate this rather silly row), no one actually said: "stick with someone even when they're not offering what you're expecting from a relationship, in the hope that one day they will". One fellow TIFer, who happens to be female, simply asked that you stopped assuming Statement X was a manipulation of Statement Y based on nothing else except the gender of the person saying it. Seemed like a pretty obvious and reasonable request to me and I think most people outside of this place, especially women, could empathise with that.
  7. There are some drawbacks. Although you can literally do everything on the mobile, some things (like quests) are actually quite fiddly to do. Posture is an issue; playing hunched over a tiny screen is actually pretty uncomfortable after twenty minutes. Also, although the legality of this issue has always been murky, you can't use the third-party clients which have made the UI so much more user-friendly. It does have some utility though: half-AFK fishing while watching Netflix on television? A little bit of woodcutting while you're waiting for that pasta to boil? On public transport and need a boredom killer? It's here that the mobile version really excels, even if it doesn't fully replace the need to play OSRS on a desktop.
  8. Ginger_Warrior


    I mean, I wouldn't want to date someone who took "I wanna take slow" as "She never wants to have sex with me and is just leading me on" either. Sort of a self-fulfilling prophecy there. I have dated and, because of the nature of the job I do, have quite a few female friends. I think most of them would agree with Tesset's perspective. If a guy (or girl) they're dating can't take the statement "taking things slow" at face value, much less accept that, then it doesn't bode well for much else in that relationship.
  9. Oh hai. In a strange turn of events, I came back to Tip.It for the bestiary which I worked on as a Crewbie over ten years ago. But to be honest, Leik is bang on the money--the medium of forums has been largely replaced by Reddit, fandom wikis and Facebook groups. That being said, the player numbers for OSRS on mobile are very impressive.
  10. Ginger_Warrior


    I think that's a really positive way of looking at the situation. Good luck with it, it'll serve you well.
  11. Ginger_Warrior


    Take things slowly on that one, Noxx. I'm sure she likes you, however, she's said she doesn't want to rush into intimacy; therefore, doing so would be the fastest way of stopping it dead. Also, if she's newly single, she might not be ready to jump into something that deep at first.
  12. Ginger_Warrior


    omg jagex mod. Purple phat pl0x I'll buy one years membs <3
  13. Ginger_Warrior


    OT: Did anyone come back here after many years and lowkey cringe a bit at their teenage selves? I wonder if this how Generation Z will feel about Instagram in five years...
  14. From a fellow Tip.It'er, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! If you would like some extra fun, don't forget to drop in on the Forum Games! ^_^

  15. I didn't, I promise I'll get round to watching it sooner or later, hopefully tonight. I shouldn't really have spent an hour making that last post, I've got way too much to catch up on.
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