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  1. Damn, it's been a while. lol @ my signature. yall remember this? idk how to embed lol https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ewk4w2YCbf4 this place is a ghost town now, it used to be so vibrant :(
  2. I like how clean my mouth feels after flossing and brushing, you should try it
  3. I've started flossing daily, pretty cool
  4. Illinois Nazis I'm sure that joke has been made multiple times throughout this thread
  5. I still check back here once every few months just to see how everything is. I used to spend a lot of time here. Good lord I was 11 years old when I made an account here. I miss everybody from ye olden times.
  6. You grave-digging wench! way to drag something 1.5 years dead up. :)
  7. Anybody looking for more people to play with on xbox, add me. Gamertag is Looshbob
  8. Anybody wanna play on xbox, add me. Gamertag is Looshbob. Anybody know of any cool servers to play on PC?
  9. what happens to carmine
  10. You must be joking. :-| Obviously.
  11. Wow, look at those guys wearing helmets. Soo hipster. @omar no i do not.
  12. Loving my APCS, the fit is A+ I don't even wear my Skinny Guys anymore, was really disappointed with the lower black, especially after I got them hemmed. Might cut them and make some shorts out of them or something.
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