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  1. that funny use the bot to do the work. lol
  2. are they full of bots like all the great places to make money. thanks
  3. anyone know what world everyone goes to for the wilderness course and the best way to get there
  4. thanks now i have to get the shield
  5. do u have to use the void gloves for the bonus or can u use the barrows gloves
  6. Thanks for all the help i think i will try powermining granite and if that to boring for me it will be but to iron. anyone know of a good granite help link i would like to know how to do it the best and most efficient way before i start.
  7. What would be the best way to train mining at my lvl. i have been doing iron in falador and banking in the resource dungeon. what r some other way to level up faster. thanks
  8. just got the living rocks as a task and i was wondering if it is worth it to kill them. if so what would i want to take as gears. thanks
  9. what is the world for it and what is the clan clat for it. is it still w117?
  10. Turn on your assist. It's located where you control Public, Private, and Trade option.s thanks i did
  11. for some reason i cant get any assist opitons. any have any ideas.
  12. in help with effigy. anyone know of any clans that do it. thanks
  13. k but what is tea-ing oak doors. also any know have much exp the hammers have?
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