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  1. Not my type of game, didn't like it at all. However, it's really promising! :)
  2. You'll beat every boss in the game easily with the correct gear at your levels. However, at your current gear I would advice you to go bandos/zammy/sara/QBD/KBD/KQ.
  3. *Cleans butter on wall* 84 HP
  4. I dont think there is any clans for this, but there's loads of other threads on this forum about conversion rates, so if you search a lil I'm sure you'll find it :)
  5. Make extremes, they're EXTREMELY useful for PVM and training. However, if you're low on bankspace or want it not as messy with lots of potions go for Overloads! :) Overloads would probably be best as you save a few inventory slots when going bossing :) Goodluck and congratulations :D
  6. Try moss giants or deadly red spiders, those are decent xp per hour. Also, if you want to spend some money on prayer potions, go ahead and kill hellhounds, they're great xp, probably the best xp, however, higher lvl is suggested but I kill them fine and I only got 60 str :) They're enormous xp/hour. Good luck! :)
  7. At your ability bar there is a box, righ click on it and click unsheathe :)
  8. Hmm looks interesting, however, there is almost noone at intermediate and novice boats, which is the only ones I can access at this point so I guess I have to wait till I'm higher combat :)
  9. It wont really be "nothing to drygores" because you're already using a huge amount of what you had previously, however, I will continue to watch this out of the pure heck of it, good luck! :)
  10. Not too many people have that cape, gratz on being a runescape follower for over 10 years! :D
  11. Yeah, blue dragons are easy, I can do a whole inventory with just 1 tuna, haha, but I've gotten a whip now and 70 attack. Also, as for the bosses, Giant Mole is easy enough and KBD I can do with a couple of friends, easily. Thanks for all the great replies guys :)
  12. Nice update thread, and I'm really happy about these updates :)
  13. Welcome back! Hope to see ya ingame :) Good luck on your goals :D
  14. There is sadly nothing else you can do, had the same problem a few years back, ended up making a new account because I couldn't prove it was my account, even contacted Jagex Support and talked to a couple of people on a Runescape stream.
  15. Goodluck! It's no easy task but if you're determined I believe in you! However, remember, the game is about having fun so when something isn't fun anymore move on to something different and then move back to it when you want to, sky is the limit :)
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