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  1. Got a Lucky Bandos Godsword on today's treasure hunter! ~Maelus
  2. *** Last Updated: 7/7/14 *** ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Currently: Fishing [93/99] Hey guys. As you can see from my join date, I've been doing the RS thing for quite a while. Over the last 3-4 years I have only been intermittedly active and have only recently rejoined the community. I spend most of my time in-game doing whatever I feel like but I'm using this blog as motivation to get maxed and finish all the quests finally. On a personal level, I'm 22 and from Adelaide, Australia. I'm also a freelance fashion designer and machinist. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Current Overall Goal(s): 99 Fishing80 Divination70 Herblore70 Runecrafting2000 Total Level----------------------------------------
  3. Thanks man, I'll be sure to check out your blog!
  4. *** Last Updated: 17/4/10 *** ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Currently: Slaying [78/85] Smithing [60/65] Hi, Maelus is the name. I had a blog here a while back with a few hundred posts, but that was before farming came out. I've been playing for 7-8 years now. Feel free to comment, come get to know me. P.S. Private Chat is always set to 'On' so feel free to add/hyt me/ask for help. =] ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Current Overall Goal(s): 85 Slayer 80 Thieving 80 Firemaking 80 Hunter 70 Mining 68 Summoning 60 Farming 60 Runecrafting All skills 60+ All skills 70+ 1900 Total Level 2000 Total Level ---------------------------------------- 1800 Total Level - Achieved 12/4/10! 55 Summoning - Achieved 18/6/09! 85 Fishing - Achieved 17/6/09! 1700 Total Level - Achieved 20/1/08! 77 Crafting (Red Dragonhide) - Achieved 20/1/08! 99 Cooking - Achieved 20/1/08! [hide=With a picture:][/hide] Quests to Complete: None at this current time. Current Stats: 1847 total level. 112.975 combat. 73.88 average skill level.
  5. Nice blog, and goodluck on 99 crafting! You'll need it. ;) ~Maelus
  6. Damn! Missed it. Thats a fantastic level though! ~Maelus
  7. So I went a little overboard and extended my Summoning goal ... ~Maelus
  8. Goal Achieved! 85 Fishing just now, and a cool 3.8m worth of monks sold. ;) ~Maelus
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