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  1. Why are people knocking the beta? Been playing and slaying for a coupla hours now and I'm enjoying it immensely, combat is now way more immersive than it is live The only gripe I have with it so far is that my range tank is now effectively useless lol :3 Also so far as I can tell, mage has become the new melee as with barrage I've been destroying all slayer monsters lawlll :rolleyes:
  2. Just don't do iron ceremonial armour for gawds sake… So slow *shudders* Mith is ok but kinda expensive tbh…
  3. Colours on that cape are so dull
  4. Thanks Stev, that tool helps alot <3: And Hedgehog, 70 magic is reasonably hard on a diy'er, as I have to mine alot of ess to make the runes
  5. Hai, I was wondering which of the two is the "best"? Simple as that. :smile: Thanks!
  6. Grats on all the levels! As for blue d'hide you can get trimmed and gold from level 2 clues and it's not that rare lol. And as for he guy offering 400k, I get that alot on my diy'er when I explain to people what it is. They think it's funny and I'm like... *bleep* yoooouuu. Ah well... Good luck!
  7. Ahh ok, guess I'll do that then ;) Thanks!
  8. Well I don't die very often apart from bosses so I was wondering if csb(?) was worth it. Shame about dgsweeper :/ So there's no skills in particular apart from combat that are important? Thanks guys!
  9. So I'm doing dungeoneering on my DIY'er and I have a few questions. Some relevant data (I think!): I use a fractite 2h. I have class 5 strength ring thingy. I do fish if I see spots. I only kill mobs in GD rooms unless they're under level 15 (1-2-3 hit them). I've been doing meds in 15-20 mins. (Mostly because I get lost… WTH does this key go?!?!) I'm pretty useless at DG. Can't think of anything else really. Stats: 1. Levels. Are their any levels in particular that help whilst doing dungeons? 2. Boss. Sometimes I really struggle on some of the bosses, anything I can do to "be better"? 3. Magic. Approaching level 50 dung so I can have 2 binds. I was thinking of getting a mage related bind as I'm level 70 RC so can make up to deaths. Is it worth it? If so then what should I bind? – I can upgrade my ring to have level 4-5 in a mage class should I use mage. (Also thought this might help with my boss problem) 4. Map. Is there an app or something similar where I can build the map as I go along, adding which key goes where, where I put my gate stones etc. ? (I always get lost when doing meds -.- ) (Not sure if it's relevant but I use Mac's) 5. Crafting. I was wondering if it was worth it to do some crafting at the end of each floor, it's "free" exp and I don't mind sacrificing a few minutes for 1-2k craft exp per floor, as crafting at my level is kinda hard DIY. Ok think that's everything! Really hope someone can help, love DG'ing, it's just so complex :huh: Thanks so much in advanced to all you pro DG'ers! <3:
  10. Got a couple of pieces of each set (5 in total) they seem pretty common to me.
  11. Okii that I can do! :smile:
  12. Ok I'll keep rushing them, hopefully getting faster eventually :rolleyes: Thanks guys!
  13. Eh, Sy said to kill more.
  14. Thanks for the replys guys, guess I'll kill more mobs
  15. Oh, everyone kept telling me not to kill any monsters if they weren't in a gd room
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