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  1. Unfortunately smithing is one of those skills where spending more is going to get you places faster. I'm sure someone will respond with the most efficient way ever to do smithing, but here are a few suggestions: 1) Tell us what level you currently are for best suggestions 2) Gold smelting with Goldsmtih gauntlets from the Family Crest quest. Gold prices have probably risen since the last time I checked but it used to be a cheap way to grind (though very slow) 3) Use a combination of the Blast furnace to smelt with less coal and then smith while wearing Varrock armour or just sell the bars (you can sometimes turn a profit with that) 4) I'm not sure if they've changed the Brawling gloves with the changes to how bonus exp works, but it used to be you would get more experience for using them in the wild. And there is an anvil conveniently placed west of the Mage Arena lever, so that would be a good place to smith for a bit and use that bonus exp. 5) Artisan's workshop. This is pure investing money to produce smithing exp. If you can complete the Elite Falador tasks you also get a 5% bonus to the exp. At it's cheapest it's very low maintenance, at it's most expensive it's some of the fastest exp in the game. If you wanna figure out the best price/exp combination for your purposes, the wiki has a great table that shows you how expensive each kind of ingot there is (http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Artisans_Workshop#Ingots) Hope this helps.
  2. I experienced a glitch that might be the same problem. It wasn't that the statues stayed on the bottom row, it's that I couldn't see them move for some reason. I could only see their new positions after exiting the window and then clicking on something in my inventory because I wouldn't be able to move or click anyway else in the room. So your friend should report the bug and to actually do the part he should reset the scales and then move the statues and either keep track of what he's doing mentally or write it down. He can also exit out of the window and get back into it to see what he's done. It's a pain but still doable.
  3. As a guy who constantly quits and comes back, just a list of every update is a terrible way to try and get back into the game. Anyway, PoH stuff is all done through the Construction skill. Here is the tip.it guide for it: http://www.tip.it/runescape/pages/view/construction_guide.htm Between going over the basic stuff in that and/or the wiki guide (http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Construction) you'll get a handle on it. Some of the biggest changes is the overhaul of the combat system and equipment system. As far as equipment goes the rule of thumb is high level = better, weapons are armour of the same combat type are largely homogenous now. That might change in upcoming updates, but right now just stick with the highest level gear you got. And the combat system basics can be learned from the tutorial in Lumbridge. Other than that I would just try out the new skills and do a few quests. That always seems the best way to start getting back into the swing of things and figuring out what you missed.
  4. So I was looking at power armour. How does the 10% accuracy and 5% damage boost on void armour compare to the +22 on fremeenick armours and +33 on GWD armours?
  5. Oh cool. I guess the real question is, which gets more players that aren't bots? :P
  6. Is that a thing? I'm so out of the loop.
  7. That sounds really dumb and disappointing.
  8. How can I tell the designation of the armour? When I look at armour I just see if it's melee, ranged, or magic. And if the stats are just there to look pretty, what's the point? Is the variety of weapons and armour pointless?
  9. Awesome, thanks for the response. But how can I figure this stuff out for myself? I don't want to have to always come running here if I have an equipment loadout question. :P
  10. I'm dabbling in runescape again after about a year and a half of hiatus. I've gotten the basics of the EoC changes down and can hold my own, but I don't really understand the mechanics of everything. I've tried to look for information but after 10 years of content a lot of the information out there is out of date. Is there a place out there listing all the big changes (like I think chinchompas don't give exp and dragonfire shields aren't very good?)? How about a place going over what the best abilities are? I've been experimenting with them but can't really tell what is helping me do more damage. And one more, more specific question. I'm killing dragons of the blue variety. I have been fire surging with a staff of light and 95 magic. But would using those new wands or anything be more effective? Is the damage decrease worth the speed? Alternatively, I have 81 range. If I were to range would a dwarf handcannon or dragonbane bolts and some kind of crossbow be a better option? Would range be better than mage due to the dragons' weakness even though I have higher mage? Sorry that I'm asking a lot here, I'm just trying to get back into the game a bit and have no idea where to find some up-to-date answers. Thanks for the help. :)
  11. Yeah, I noticed this but didn't have enough time to update my article before I got separated from the internet. But Mandrith is the only one and he makes the event sound like a terrible, grisly thing but other than him, there is still nothing in anyone else's appearance or dialogue to reinforce the event having any significance.
  12. I would suggest falconry. Fairly click intensive, but pretty fast. If you really like lizard catching, just get to 47 and switch to orange lizards, exp is decent. Granted, I did all this when hunter was first released so there might be a better way now, but looking at the hunter guide, I don't think so.
  13. Haha, yeah Hedgehog. Somehow I knew you would. And maybe I will, but I need to get some more money first.
  14. I'm fresh from camping vyrelords to level 80 ranging, and am considering going to 90 with blisterwood stakes. I might switch it up with slayer and avansies, but assuming I just use blisterwood stakes on vyrelords for the ~3.3m exp I need to get to level 90... About how many blisterwood stakes is that? I notice they need to "break" more often then other ammo types. I use ava's alerter and would not likely pick up the stakes on the ground (side question: do ava devices automatically pick up the ammo from the ground or do they just save ammo as it's used?). Does anyone have any idea what the breakage rates on the stakes are? I seem to get 100k exp per 800-900 stakes, but I haven't been keeping track of it so if anyone else already has the data, I'd love to know. Thanks! PS: Don't suggest chins. I know what amazing exp it is, but it's irrelevant to what I want to know.
  15. I shower every day or every other day depending on time of year and what I've done that day (don't tend to get dirty or smelly when you stay inside all day reading/studying in the dead of winter). Also, I'm a night shower-er, or in the middle of the day after exercise. I don't like care products that smell strongly. I have a... let's call it attractive natural smell/musk (pheromones or something I guess), so I just use products that will keep me clean and keep uncomfortable sweat to a minimum. Head & Shoulders for shampoo, Nivea for Men bodywash, Degree stick anti-perspirant, any kind of whitening toothpaste (I switch a lot), and sometimes a touch of cologne when appropriate. For shaving I use local brand shaving soap with a single-blade razor (people were shaving well and comfortably for decades before we started this multiblade razor thing), but otherwise use mini-containers of gilette shaving cream if I'm somewhere where I can't bring my shaving kit with me (pro-tip: always have a small toiletry bag with essentials at least nearby wherever you go). Also, people (most often males) tend to underestimate the usefulness of lotion and hand cream. Stuff is good for more than just dry skin and there is a lot of variety to find something that works for what you need it to and often with some nice scents. Can't name specifics off the top of my head because I get a new variety every time I run out (I buy small containers so it's fairly often), but I love lotion. I exercise as often as possible. Nothing at a gym, but I know a lot of home exercises, utilize my bike frequently, put on my hiking boots often, and swim whenever a pool or lake is available. Also have a pull-up bar. Specifically, an Iron Gym. That thing can pop on anywhere and can be brought to the ground to help keep your legs in place for sit-ups.
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