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  1. Hey everyone, I'm just looking for some advice on buying a new computer, anyone who knows me knows how terrible I am with technical stuff haha. All that I'm really looking for is a computer to browse youtube, forums, play some runescape and online poker (preferably something that can handle doing all this at once if possible). I'd also save some files such as videos and such from my GoPro, may also want something that could handle more if I found a new game or something to get into. Basically I want to get the best computer for the cheapest price, but I have no idea what to look for (brands, specs, etc.) as well as the best anti virus available. Any information is appreciated, thanks for reading!
  2. This may be a stupid question but is it possible to just clear everything?
  3. Alright, it just constantly comes back so maybe I'll just give up. It worked good before I quit using it but I'm not too worried, I have a new computer anyways. Thanks!
  4. I don't know how to check disk space or switch video adapters. I know absolutely nothing about computers lol.
  5. Hey everyone, I took my old computer out of our storage and was going to try and get it going again, When I started it I got an error (I'll post a picture below). I'm absolutely terrible with computers so I have no idea what any of this means. Any help is appreciated, Thanks!
  6. Thanks! I've actually been trying to but haven't been keeping up with ports as good as I should be but I'll get it together soon. Hopefully lol. So I guess since I see a lot of old names and haven't really talked to many of you in years I can write a bit of what I've been up to. I guess I kind of lost interest when things started changing (probably 2011-2012 or so), and real life started getting busier so I was on and off a lot, but never really had any commitment to the game. I recently studied Power Engineering and have been working in the oilfield around here, however, with low oil prices right now things have been fairly slow, and just being out of school in the last year I'm fairly new so it's been keeping my hours minimal, hopefully things turn around soon though! I've been spending most of my summers doing a lot of dirt biking and spending time at the lake and winters have been spent playing hockey and snowmobiling, this past weekend I got a chance to play in my first charity hockey tournament and had a blast! I can't really think of much else, I'm pretty lame, not much has changed haha! If you don't have me added and remember me make sure ya add me back! Private chat is always on!
  7. Good to see lots of old names still around! Thanks for the welcomes everyone! Thanks Miss Lioness, I'll do that right away. My theme must be set to something different haha! Thanks Saru! I still play a bit of both :O, Just spend more time on Old School at the moment haha.
  8. Hey Shadow! Long time no talk! Yeah Vann we should for sure, I'll start hopping in there when I'm on. I know the Shadowkings hang out in there a bit!
  9. Haha thanks Vann! I had to change it one day when I logged in so I had to think of something quick and never thought of something else to change it too! I guess my old one was inappropriate ;P. What happened with Nick and Chris? I talked with then probably a year ago and they were working on maxing. Shadowking72 and 85 are on Old School a bit now and RT Phondents still plays the live game if ya remember him! Thanks Alg! Hope to see some other old names around!
  10. Hey everyone! Not sure how many older people are still around but I figured I'd make a thread on here since I've decided to make a return! Post or send me a message in-game if you remember, Haven't seen to many old faces since I've came back! This thread is a work in progress and I'll be working on it over the next couple days! About Me My name is Tyler, I'm 22 years old and live in Western Canada. My interests in Runescape are mainly PvM, Minigame and PvP related, most of my goals will relate to these things, I'm not really into setting huge XP goals and prefer having fun in RS which is basically all I do now (although if I do end up playing long term again I may set some goals), with the release of Old School Runescape and some older friends coming back I have found more interest in the game again, most of my time played is on Old School now, however, I do enjoy doing some bossing once in a while on RS3. My real life interests are Hockey (I play and am a huge Boston Bruins fan!), Motocross, Snowmobiling and a bit of partying and just hanging out, I'm always up for a good time! Old School Runescape Goals -75 Magic (72 Currently). -70 Melees (61/59/57 Currently). -70 Ranged (40 Currently). Achievements Drops Other Runescape Goals -All 3 Dagannoth King pets. Achievments 99 Woodcutting (First 99) Fire Cape 100 Combat Drops Zamorak Hilt (With: Berserking1, Dwarven9177 and Sparky1 2007) Saradomin Sword (With: Shadowking72 and Shadowking85) Dragon Chainbody (With: Sr Travis 77) Other Nostalgia Section Pictures First Dragon Axe Drop - 2006 First Dragon Chainbody - 2006 Bank Picture - July 2007 Re-Obtained Santa Hat (After being scammed) - December 2007 Double Berserker Ring Duo - A little excited lol. Shadowking72 Downed! Stories Other Unfortunately I lost many of my old pictures on my old computer, but I'll put whatever I have on here! I will take some pictures of my current stats & bank on Old School and RS3 as well as go through some older pictures and the them on here too!
  11. Also, I guess I am max melee already and wanting to work towards 99 Ranged & Magic (Not anytime soon, Just work at it over time). But if I do any bossing, I usually try to lean towards melee bossing (which may be a big part of funding gear upgrades).
  12. Hey everyone, Just looking for some other opinions on an idea I have. I'm considering buying Full Torva to replace my Bandos, however, with doing this I would have to downgrade my Ranged & Magic gear to Kharils & Ganodermic. I would be working towards upgrading my Ranged & Magic gear over time, however, it may be a little bit. If it makes any difference I do have dual drygores as well, however, I don't see the point in getting rid of them to keep Armadyl/Subjugation. So, Is it worth it to downgrade Ranged & Magic gear to upgrade my Bandos to Torva? And how stable is Torva? Is now an alright time to buy? Any input is appreciated, Thanks!
  13. Hey everyone, Just working on building my PvM supplies tab and wondering what it should consist of. I currently have all extremes, prayer potions, super restores, rocktail soup, rocktails, divination sign that boosts gravestone time (can't remember the name lol). Are Super Saradomin Brews any good? I haven't done a whole lot of PvM since EoC so I'm not too sure. Please let me know if theres anything else I can add because I'm looking to get a good tab set up. Also, I'm trying to get prepared for the new boss coming out, is there any information out or anything I should be doing or getting to prepare? All input is appreciated, Thanks!
  14. Thanks for the replies! Any idea what kind of exp/hour you can expect from Bandits? And any other Ranging methods? I haven't done the quest for the Chaos Dwarves >_<.
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