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  1. Whats a fast, profitable way, i was doing swamp lizards but they are usually botted or just too busy. Even so, I'm looking for a faster method rather than profitable. The only reason i want 54 is to wear the 'Gloves of Silence' for theiving, so do I even need the hunter lvl to wear them?
  2. Awesome thanks, I was working on getting 50 agility next anyways so that should help with pp Do you have to be a certain lvl to looting the urns like in dung?
  3. What are the requierments or steps to get the Black Ibis for a bonus to thieving exp. And does it only apply to pickpocketing or does it account for everything you do regarding thieving?
  4. Thanks i just couldnt find out where the heck i was supposed to do this at
  5. does it matter if i do it in barb village?
  6. So there are 2 tasks im having trouble with, one is: Artisan Crafting - Create a clay ring and Bless is More - Have a clay ring blessed For some reason i can find where i need to do these to get them crossed off my list, where can i get these done?!?
  7. I'm on my second round completing the statue, does it just keep breaking in the museum so you can do it over and over again? I know the guy gives you stuff to make a replica in your house, does this also give extra exp?
  8. How do i use the little locked room at ground lvl, for easy access to and from Hill Giants?
  9. Does the smelting urn also apply to smithing, or is it just smelting?
  10. WOW plz put this in help and advice, forgot where i was on the forums haha my bad
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