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  1. Still here and still playing :) Good to see you here again, Kaida! Will you be getting back into the game?
  2. At the risk of sounding stupid, when and where did Jagex say they would do this?
  3. Just a source of free bones :) The boneyard yields a better selection of bones, though. That's where I used to train prayer some eight years ago.
  4. Considering I bought 692k big bones at nearly an all-time low (in recent memory, anyway) of ~308 gp each some years ago, this prediction makes me a very happy camper :) The RS Wiki has updated since I posted my question—it does indeed appear to be F2P.
  5. The 2014 Halloween event is here. It's another point-based event, and you can unlock a new ability called "Cremation" if you rack up 10,000 points. According to the Runescape news post on the event, Cremation "permanently unlocks the ability to burn bones on bonfires, granting you Prayer and Firemaking XP." Here's some more specific information from this page: Does anyone know if this ability is F2P? The RSWiki article on it currently has no info about that. I'm skeptical, but the ghost hunter outfit (another reward) seems to be F2P, so I figured it's possible.
  6. Worked like a charm! Thanks so much for your help!
  7. Hi all, So a friend of mine is trying to finish this quest, and he's at the part where you have to drop weights onto the scale. The problem is that the weights never actually stay put on the scale; they just keep returning to the bottom row, making it impossible to get past this part. Any ideas on what the problem could be?
  8. Happy birthday! :D

  9. After several months, I think an update is in order :) For me: For my friend Hindiman:
  10. A fine decision indeed. Nicely done, Slaya. :)
  11. So how are the "more conservative" F2P purists among us approaching this update? Is a P2P skill still a P2P skill regardless of whether it's been partially opened up to F2P, meaning we shouldn't even get level 5 in those stats (or visit Burthorpe & Taverley and unlock their attendant music tracks)? Or are we looking at the whole thing with more latitude: anything at all that's opened up to F2P is ours, including former P2P-only opportunities, and we should thus make use of them?
  12. What effect, if any significant one, will the opening-up of these new areas have on current F2P training methods? Are there more efficient ways to train combat and non-combat skills now?
  13. Just wanted to brag a bit here by saying that I just got my 7th 99, fishing :) But that in addition to that, I've also finally accomplished two things I've been wanting for ages: 1. All 99s on the right column of the stats screen 2. 100m total xp
  14. Forgive me for sounding dim but I have to ask: why would healing be a problem with lessers but not against ghosts (especially the higher-leveled ones)? Is it because you can effectively range them from a safe spot without worrying about them retaliating?
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