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  1. "...it's hard to find something that *isn't* more interesting than playing runescape." He's not wrong there. OT: Gratz on 4.1b exp SUOMI, hopefully this game is still alive long enough for you to reach your goal.
  2. Just got this, now time for bed. Not gonna log on until BXP Weekend starts. Then I'll try and get 98/99 Construction over the weekend if I'm fast enough.
  3. Yeah I didn't even notice that, that makes it seem so much closer! :D Thx
  4. lol ~19 weeks between 97 & 98 Slayer. Ah well, slowly going for 99 at the moment :)
  5. Did some Slayer today: First time I've meleed the caves, only used Ranged on Jad coz I've never meleed him.
  6. Most rings I've ever got in 1 task. Plus an Abyssal Head :)
  7. Most rings I've ever got in 1 task. Plus an Abyssal Head :)
  8. Well prepare to be madder :P 5 in <330k exp. [hide][/hide]
  9. Just got another one. That's 5 in in 330k exp.
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