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  1. Made some money, got board and thought it was time for a new 99, :D shouldnt take long :)
  2. Been doing alot of TD's, so i thought i would try out arma, about 30 kills in i get a hilt :D
  3. just an update, im crap at getting the loot on a screen shot hah! ive had 3 Limbs, 2 d claws and one lump today. check my a-log for more
  4. Just been doing TD's to make some cash. 2 dragon limbs with in 12 kills :D only got a screenie of the 2nd one in the chat box. Gonna camp them for a few hours tonight, then probs go go to GWD for abit
  5. Hey all, ive just got back from a week holiday, soo thats why there havent been any updates. but i wont be-able to play for long in till around the 17th of this month. i am able to get on to do my daily stuff, but nothing more.
  6. yes, i spent a hour or 2 getting the charm hunter stick (1000 charm spirits) but atm im just working on skills, and im almost done with my ports :)
  7. Just wanted to get the last quest out of the way, so i spent a few mill on getting 82 smithing for the dwarf quest: And now ive done all the quests! :): Quest Cape: Apart from this, i havnt done much, been doing some agility, then some lava flow mine to get the mining suit for when i go for 99 mining.
  8. Hey Guys, Just got 80 hunter, now all my skills are over level 80 :) gonna work on getting 85 cooking now :) EDIT: 85 cooking :)
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