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  1. I want to start a f2p pking clan, or at least join one. I have not seen any on the official clan forums so if anyone could either suggest one, or interested in creating one with me lemme know. word
  2. This was back during christmas on my old account First clue reward on my new acc
  3. I ended up getting 60 attack doing drs's in the varrock sewer. Just went down with full pathfinder, fury, rune 2h and a cape. Everytime I ran out of an iventory of food I just let them kill me and id respawn with all my armour and items in varrock center then go bank and do it again. Pretty fast xp imo
  4. Havent really seen any but if it is I hope they make str actually matter
  5. Ill probably pm you because this is the farthest ive gotten with a pure and all of the pure guides are out of date haha
  6. Ok, since legacy beta came out I had been working on a pure account that I had used before eoc. The stats on it werent that great because all i did back then was f2p pk in multi, so Ive been trying to work on it. So far I got 55 attack, 50 str, 51 hp for melee, and I was wondering what a suggested tactic for training would be. Ive been doing giant spiders in stronghold of security but that is starting to get really slow. I was considering trying bandits but I figured that would be a bad idea because protect from melee no longer gives full protection. If anyone is also trying to train a pure for legacy mode, or has any suggestions for someone with 1 defense that would be very helpful Thanks
  7. Well I just logged into the f2p beta 5 minutes ago on my 1 defence pure, and as soon as I tried to put on my equiptment it said I didnt have level requirements. It said that I needed level 10 defence to wear iron, which is funny because yesterday when I logged in it let me wear iron with level 1 defence. It also said I needed level 50 attack to equipt my rune 2h (I got 40) and yesterday the requirement was 40. They switched the level requirements from 2012 to EoC. Is this a bug or is this how it is actually gonna be? If this is permanent thats really stupid and ruins pures
  8. Hey there, I havent played rs in almost a year because my main account got banned and I was so mad at how far I got and just lost it in a second. Anyways, I have been following news and saw the legacy mode thing and was interested in creating a pure account to play in legacy with. Would this be a good idea or do pures not really work in legacy? Let me know your thoughts or if you already tested it
  9. Thank you so much I can continue now!!
  10. Here is img http://imgur.com/KaTW2
  11. Hey, im at the part where you gotta do a math problem... I get this problem I translated this to: 5 + 19 - 2 - 2, which equals 20, but when I type in 20 it says its incorrect! :o am I reading the numbers wrong or something? Please help!
  12. Lol I just got randomly unmuted ^.^
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