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  1. hey I am looking for a clan that is friendly and event active. I am looking for god wars etc, and also i would prefer a Australian based clan but still would consider others. Also I am p2p always here are my stats: att: 85 str: 94 def: 80 range: 81 mage: 84 pray: 55 slayer: 63
  2. just got my defense to 60 as well as my attack to 65 but what i am looking at to range avianses with while tanking is head: zamorak coif neck: ammy of glory body: granite body legs: dragon plate skirt (looked at the granite legs they only provide 4 more ranged defense but like 20 or something less attack) boots: snakeskin hands: saradomin vamps ring: ring of life (just in case) back: ava accumulator weap: rune cross bow shield: granite shield bolts: adamant gives me stats of Attack Defence Stab 10 209 Slash 10 209 Crush 10 202 Magic -66 10 Range 105 238 taking just b2p tabs in my inv as well as some runes for high alch adn a prayer pot and some food to start with you think i will be able to do fine? or you think i should get the pendant of armadyl just my thieving is 22 right now
  3. I could just walk in with full pray and protect from melee till I get across and also I dont use broads cause as my first post said I am lvl 41 slayer, maybe I should go lvl that as I want to lvl defense up a bit anyway. Thanks for the reply as well
  4. thanks you think i could use zammy coif,blaack dragbody, sara chaps, accumulator, rune xbow, mith or addy bolts, granite shield, snakeskin boots and pendant of armadyl liek that would eb a good set up?
  5. ok thanks for that i will give avianses another try then your method seems good, tho would i need the bandos item? just wondering cause that is 9 defense lvl away for me and i didnt think if i crossed over with grappel i would get many bandos
  6. Hey I am wishing to ask the members of the tip.it community for help I am currently coming back to runescape after over a year and well a bit has changed Currently I wish to train up my Att/Str/Def, Range and also Mage So I am looking for somewhere to train my melee and range and also mage with a profit My skills are currently Att 63 Str 65 Def 54 range 70 mage 70 pray 45 slayer 41 melee: I used to melee green dragons as i could just take a few prayer pots and stay there till i was full on bones/hides but at my level is there somewhere else better to train? range: I used to train at avianses at it was decent exp and also great gold but I don't no [garden tool] wit has changed and also have not been able to find an up to date guide so wondering if someone could tell me if this is viable and if so link me a guide that's good please or if not an alternate cause lately I been at black dragons but I think I might try blues for better exp and I kill them faster mage: currently all I no for lvling mage is high alch which I can draw even with that's it is there any mobs that I could make a profit out of? Additional info: I am p2p I have 1.8 mil gold free to buy equip and such I have a rune x bow black dragon hide set and archer hide with glory ammy and ring of wealth and also 1000 mith bolts equipped also I have lvl 61 construction lately I been making cannon balls if any of you can help me out with this I would be very grateful
  7. was wondering for a price of pure ess if you have please, i have level 70 combat was looking at green dragons but is the chaos dugeon pvp? and also is it that dangerous in there? and what equipment would be a good set up would a rune scimmy with full tune and a anti dragon sheild be any good, brings another point what are the price of selling green dragon hides? and also would just running from port sarim to draynor be worth it cause that is around 40 trips i suppose i could do that in an hr and a half
  8. ok two things can u explain the cabbage patch teleport thingie? and how doees a eye cost also if i may ask the price of pure ess cause i am a member
  9. my hunter is lvl 10 and also what would be the most efective means?
  10. Hi i left Runescape awhile back for a break and after coming back after about 8 months, I found out that i was hacked. I was wondering if anyone could offer suggestions on what to do to make so money, cause i figure i need to make some money in order to keep going in the game. Rite now i am wearing full rune with a rune scimmy and also here are my Stats
  11. i am tetftw 1234 and it is on at 5 in the morning on a school day for me but i am still coming
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