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  1. Hey everyone, As I'm getting ready to finish up 99 cooking I want to move on to being working on 99 crafting. However, I've been away from the game for just under a year and I was wonder what are the best options for training it, in terms of both xp/hour and gp/xp I have about 50m cash to blow if necessary. Many Thanks in Advance
  2. AMG ITZ [email protected]@@!! in all seriousness... whenever it (t trails) does come out should be pretty awesome, with or without the graphics update EDIT: Photo is original, i just lightened it up with photobucket
  3. I like a challenge once in awhile... does the dragonfire shield protect you from their breath? I know it said to use an elemental/mind shield but I was curious about the other option
  4. Well i just got my first task of Skeletal Wyverns and I have no idea what to do :wall: . I would like to know what the best method is to kill them as well as the best setup to do so Thanks in advance for any help :-D
  5. Probably shoulda mentioned this is the first post but I dont have full void and absolutely despise PC. Is it really worth getting if i struggle to make it through games?
  6. So after trying to find out what I'm going to do with my recently acquired 40m I decided on getting 99 range. I want to go through it at a pretty quick pace, which is why I've chosen to chin to 99. While I do enjoy the skill I rarely did it outside of slayer assignments, and even now I only use it when absolutely necessary. So the question that I'm posing is what is the best setup to chin to 99? Also if anyone has a recently updated guide for chinning that would be great :blink:
  7. alright so humidify wouldn't be needed?
  8. I just received desert strykewyrms as a slayer assignment for the first time and was wonder what gear i should use. The only thing that i know i need to substitute for is an enchanted water tiara. I already have this replaced with waterskins and humidify on lunars. Other then that, i need a basic gear setup and what i should have in my inventory. Thanks in advance for any help :thumbsup:
  9. I did this awhile back and was making close to 1k profit per potato. It isn't a great money maker when it comes down to it though it really is alot of work. It takes awhile to prepare everything and butter isn't easy to buy. If i had to make a guestimate I would say 200-300k/hour max
  10. i agree but I'm not a huge fan of god swords. The massive hits are quickly dismissed by lack of speed IMO. But yeah rune defender definitely speeds things up. Also the reason I am even considering buying a DFS is for the fact that my block list is nothing but Dragons- Mith, Steel, Iron, and Blacks- the main reason being for this is the need for potions as well as the antifire shield. I have no problem leaving them on there, I'm just curious as to whether or not people think they are worth doing. Also I should have mentioned this in the first post I pretty much have an ideal slayer setup with whip, rune defender, full bandos, fury ect...
  11. So after a short break from Runescape and keeping money in the coffers at MTK i finally saved enough to buy a DFS. But after looking further into it i realized that a BSS is a rather cheap substitute. I guess what it comes down to is this: Should I invest in a DFS or just go with a BSS? for anyone wondering i already have a rune defender. This is more for tougher slayer tasks/boss hunting Also for those curious my slayer setup is full bandos, fury, whip, rune def, slayer helm, d boots, barrows gloves
  12. Not everything is about money in this game. Some people like to actually enjoy the game rather then grinding for money or exp. On that note congrats! its pretty rare to get such good rewards in such a short span 7/10
  13. No, you only need 40 to get into the boss's room to fight them. That goes for all the GWD bosses. You do need a mithril grapple to get into the eyre and kill those there. Wait, o.O so i can't just fight the avi's right off the bat? because i don't want to fight the boss at all. Yes you can go and kill them right away, either inside the eyre or right outside of it. Like cpt said, you only need 40 kills to get into the boss room.
  14. Hopefully he found his setup by now, this is a 2 and 1/2 year old topic
  15. I looked into this as well but it is only compatible with windows while I'm using a Mac I also should of added in the OP that I'm just looking for basic editing functions, nothing too fancy really. GIMP has been working pretty well for what I'm working on. Also, thanks for the help everyone :thumbsup:
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