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  1. Ok, so i was messing around on gimp tonight and didnt really have an inspiration, i was surfing google images for an idea and came across this image: http://www.getconnectedsheffield.com/wp-content/gallery/club230/street-dancer.jpg (safe link) And i decided to try something, i honestly didn't know what i was doing when i opened the canvas up but this was the finnal product, not sure about the glow around the girl though :/ Might be very big i think its somethin like : 3400x2500 or somethin like that. :( cc please
  2. Was killing abberant spectres and it dropped this baby, i literraly closed the lid and opend it to see if my laptop screen screwd up, ive bought like a dfs, bandos ect with this, best clue ever ever i was shaking when i saw this :o im so happy [email protected]@@@@@@
  3. why thank you eggs :D yea i take in everyones suggestions but just this once i think it's simple but look relatively good so im happy with it :P anyone feel free to use it and change the background w/e you like :P
  4. ok well i was farming and was looking at a BEV at my character and saw the shape of the actual plant allotments so i thought i'd make a sig. ok first here's what i saw: and here's my logo: cc pweasseee :D feel free to use it :P
  5. ok cus there's so many and i thinks this is very good topic i thought id put it here. ok say yesterday i got all theese clue rewards within 6hours . was slaying spectres and turoths.
  6. the orb i made from the tutorial was missing alot of glare so i had a look of a picture of a pool ball then copied the other parts like a reflection in the top right
  7. well i was looking at a few tutorials and came across one how to make an orb but when i fisnished it it had an odd look so i added a few things and it looks great! c/c please :D
  8. i went just a bit crazy and put ur name it it so there's 2 points of ur description hehe :P
  9. i kinda feel like an outsider with gimp :o
  10. haha gimp XD im so used to gimp, dont know how ps even works, never touched it lol
  11. it stinks i know lol, i tried so hard to get flow but failed -.-. improvements?
  12. i chose the font cus i kinda got inspired for this one from disney pixar logo/video. but august i get my macbook and photoshop, so i can finnaly join the photoshop gang and hopefully improve my skill :)
  13. well i thought i might aswell jump on here and say ello. my internet hasnt been workin for 3 months and i haven't really done much artwork but i thought that out of the dozen i mucked around with (mainly text based images) but yeah this is one of a simple but eye catchin design well at least i think so haha. anyways c/c the usual lol:
  14. well i am 6ft 7and the ceiling is very low, lol and it might not look it but it was about 1cm deep or so and wouldnt stop bleeding haha, all god now though, after i got my stichers i went for a swin in the ocean to help it heal faster!
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