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  1. Hmm, won't I be doing armour off though? So defence won't matter too much? I obviously won't be boxing because my stats suck for it. Maybe range staking with knives or something? I just don't know if thats possible against people my level. And Hounddog, I am F2P, I will get membs if this acc will be good enough.
  2. Since staking has been back I've been very tempted to try it out again. However, my acc is F2P, and so I'm unsure as to whether it'd hold up in members staking. It's stats are: Combat: 95 ATT: 74 STR: 99 DEF: 40 RANGE: 99 PRAY: 44 HP: 96 MAGIC: 83 I'm pretty sure its going to fail because of its prayer level and low defence, but is there a certain type of staking (eg no armour ranging) that would maybe work for me? I don't want to have to spend time making another acc from scratch. I will have around 200m to work with if needed. Thanks in advance.
  3. After a very long break from runescape I've decided that I might start playing again with the new dungeoneering skill. Anyway all I've been doing since is playing this new skill and trying to get the gravite 2h sword along with a bit of pking which I've always loved. =p I'm also thinking of getting membership for a month, but don't know what I'm going to do. I've only ever been a member once before (one month) and that was maybe 3 years ago. Can anyone direct me to a clan chat that is dedicated to these forums so that I can get updated with everything and catch up with anyone I know who still plays? By the way I don't know if anyone remembers me but if you do remember to add me again haha.
  4. I've quit for a while now and when I did I invested in just 6 h'ween masks. Just decided to check on RS randomly the other day and saw that they hadn't risen much but disks of returning/pumpkins are going for over 100m?!? (will they ever be back at that price that they were so stable at while i was playing which was like 4-7m) I'd love to know what's happening here lol Thanks.
  5. Hi, just talked with you on your magerap3 account. You didn't respond and logged out?
  6. Are you sure he was banned because of this reason? I'm looking for more opinions on this. It seems so risky yet I want to play.
  7. I am from one country but recently have been on a holiday overseas. Can I play my account without Jagex thinking I have been hacked and banning my account because of different isp's etc.? Thanks.
  8. Thanks, I do have my own PayPal account which is unverified (too much hassle).
  9. I was wondering, if i was to pay for membership using PayPal, would i need to verify my PayPal account or will a normal account do? Thanks.
  10. I know they said the event ends by Monday, but do we get to keep any pieces of turkey meat we have or the cornucopia? Thanks.
  11. +1, there are waayyy too many maxed out 1 def pures in p2p for you to make any impact, stick to f2p, its less of a loss in the long run, meaning you can pk for longer periods before you need to resort to other forms of moneymaking to get more cash for more pking.
  12. I highly doubt you'd get any sort of profit f2p or p2p. You have to realise that even in members, almost everyone who pvps your level will be pure, and i can guarantee you now, most of their stats will be better than yours, and they will be better pkers with more experience. Unless you know how to pk or get better stats, you won't be effective at all. At 53 combat, levels 63s will be able to attack you, and many pures that level have 90+ stats. You may argue that in turn you can attack level 43s..but think again..what are they likely to drop? Are they even going to risk 75k? No. Of course, pking is for fun, so if you don't mind losing cash then go for it, but if you're hoping to make a profit, you should think again.
  13. I must ask, why do you care if people think you're impressive in regards to your non-combat skills. If you are a pure, only your stats matter. And not being degrading, but looking at your stats, they are rubbish and could be achieved by many in a few days. Everywhere you look there will be level 60s with 99 range/mage etc. So I suggest if you want to impress, get combat skills high, then maybe people will 'respect' you if that's what you long for. Other than that, good luck on your pure.
  14. Items without corrupt in front of them last for one hour. None of them 'last forever'.
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