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    Music, going to gigs, earning money, photography, online gaming, football - Leeds United, snooker, table tennis, jogging, cycling, cooking, clubbing, sleeping.

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  1. Happy birthday! :D

  2. I'm a bit concerned my investments arent rising <_< Lantadyme Unf pots actually dropped today.. It's hard to believe all players have cottoned on to the fact about the weekend being every 6 months and bought all their supplies in advance haha
  3. Just bought the newest We Are the Ocean album - first high street music purchase since i don't know how long. Kind of like an English version of Alexisonfire.... good stuff.
  4. Going on holiday soon for 2 weeks, decided to cash in so herbs can sit in G/E and sell when BXP is announced. 117 days, or 3 months and 26 days work.... approval rating never went below 90% Any ideas what nests are going to do? The price they're at now is the price they hit back in March. Undecided as what price to put them at.
  5. Had a dreadful first week in both leagues :( 8 tipiters in the premier league one though, should be an interesting season!
  6. Don't let that put you off from applying - everyone is considered :thumbsup:
  7. There was a guide somewhere which i can't find - if you have cooking brawlers i believe you can get over 1.2mil cooking xp per hour if done correctly. Shame i can't find it.
  8. Love watching Snooker, mainly because i don't really get to play it. The other sports i like to watch are sports i play often so it doesn't really bother me if i don't get to see them. (ie tennis, "soccer")
  9. This is by far the best runescape video on youtube! Watch all of it!
  10. Can you put up a link to the rugby one? I don't really follow rugby as much but i'd like to see it
  11. Yeah that's a good call but i think you get unlimited transfers before the first gameweek so i always make sure i have a team as early as possible to avoid missing the first deadline and losing out on points!
  12. For the last few years i've always done a fantasy football team. Thought it would be a good idea to create a Tipit League. Usually I just do English Premier League and English Championship (Football, soccer etc...) but if you follow a different sport with a similar competition I think it would be a good idea to collate all of the leagues in this thread. If you have no idea what Fantasy Football is then http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fantasy_football_(Association) It would be cool to get as many tipiters as possible in as many different sports. Football is the only one i'm aware of but i'm sure the American's have a similar thing for Baseball/Basketball/Ice Hockey/American Football etc... I will update the list of 'official links' here. (A lot of the websites will not start until nearer the beginning of the season but here's one for starters) THE LEAGUES fantasy.football-league.co.uk (code is 1974) fantasy.premierleague.com (code is 136464-45741) [Needs more Leagues!!] For the premier league i usually use the official barclays one (http://fantasy.premierleague.com/) but i am aware that the Sky/Various newspaper ones are also popular so will go with the most popular until the season starts. This thread can be used as discussion for the time being, and also a place to eye up opponents and steal ideas off one another :twisted:
  13. Wow shes amazing - awesome find. Good job i stalk this thread :thumbsup:
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