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  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY again!!! Enjoy your 21st!!! Don't know where you've gone, but you are missed!!!

  2. Happy Birthday! If you would like some extra fun, don't forget to drop in on the Forum Games! ^_^

  3. Happy birthday! :D

  4. We now have a dedicated thread for requesting additional image hosts to be added to the filter. Please post your requests there. :)
  5. As part of our recent forum upgrade, we have added a filter that only allows the posting of images from specific image hosts. The reason we made this change was not to inconvience you, but for your protection. Without the filter in place it was possible to host an image on a private website and harvest the IP addresses of everyone who loaded the page with that image on it. Because of this we decided that the extra security of whitelisting image hosts was necessary when we gained the capability to do so with the recent forum upgrade. We have already added most of the major image hosts to our whitelist and are constantly watching for more safe hosts that people regularly use to add to the list. That being said, we don't think of everything and there might be an image host that you want to use that we just don't know about. If you have an image host that you would like us to look into, please post it on this thread and we'll take a look. However, we will NOT be allowing personal websites for the reasons listed above. Current Approved Hosts
  6. Agreed, I can see why that would be annoying.
  7. I like the idea, it can be a bit confusing sometimes. Particularly if like in this forum the first thread under the stickies is a poll.
  8. Having worked as a sysadmin I've seen this kind of thing happen firsthand. One of the biggest things you learn is that no matter how hard you try to make sure everything is perfect, something WILL break. I can't speak on how well Jagex's datacenters are planned and what their server architecture looks like, but servers do go down and issues happen. Usually with proper planning and redundancy most issues won't even be noticeable to the end user and they'll have no idea that anything happened. Take VMs for example, you have 3 servers running a bunch of VMs running on them. If on server goes down the other servers will recognize that and pick up all of the VMs running on the down server so quickly that most users won't even notice a service interruption of more than a few seconds if at all. That being said though, there are issues that are just totally beyond your control. Power goes out at the datacenter for several hours, you're going to have downtime. ISP fails and you have no outbound internet connection, you're going to have downtime. It's just part of running a computer system with a lot of servers. Jagex actually is known for switching ISPs if they have significant issues with them though, they have on serveral occasions dropped an ISP and picked up a different one on short notice because of issues with downtime. However, I do think that Jagex has some issues on their side too. I really don't like the lack of redundancy between the login servers. Each login server supports a specific number of accounts and there's no backup for them. If one goes down, anyone assigned to that login server can't login. It's just a really dumb system. How hard can it possibly be to build in some sort of redundancy between them. Also, the login servers treat all accounts as logged in unless they get a logout request from the game world that the account was logged into. This is just really bad programming IMO. Every one of the login servers should be able to keep track of the status of all the game worlds and be able to unlock accounts if they lose connection to a game world for more than x minutes. The current system where they wait for the game world to come up again before unlocking the accounts of everyone who was on it is just silly. There are some issues that are beyond Jagex's control, but some of their own design decisions are questionable at best and really just seem like poor design choices.
  9. Part of the problem as MageUK said is that Jagex makes it *really* hard to actually grab the updated list of G.E. prices. An update by Jagex made a scrape that previously took 90 seconds to complete now takes 2 hours+. We're looking for better ways to do things to make it go faster, but to be honest it's really hard with what Jagex has done with their systems. That limitation ties up a lot of what we normally would be able to do.
  10. Hey MrClaws, Please use this topic in General Discussion for general discussion of all of the Wild Weekends: http://forum.tip.it/topic/310762-wild-weekends/ Thanks :)
  11. We'll be carefully monitoring how the change affects discussions and the quality of posts and if we find that it makes things worse we're more than willing to turn it off again. Think of it as a trial period and we'll decide if we want to keep it or not after evaluating it for a while.
  12. There once was an answer out there I swear

    Tied to a bottle I swear, I swear

    And you can ask the Madonna if she cares, she cares

    But she's hooked on the bottle I swear, I swear

    You know you know it's the end of our sweet universe

    You know you know that we blame it on ourselves

  13. Hey Neo! As part of another project I'm working on I'm trying to implement pre-made equipment builder profiles, but at least for now they'll probably be geared closer to monster hunting setups than just full sets of different kinds of armour. That being said, there's always room for expansion and it's something that could be added later. :)
  14. We're constantly working to make sure that the RWT ads stay out of our rotation, but like OrTradeMe said, they make a whole ton of them. Just keep reporting them on the Report bad ads here! sticky in Website Discussion so that we can take care of them. Thanks for bringing this up!
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