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  1. My entire life is hacked.

  2. Ren

    Why PC Gaming Sucks

    Oh, side note: possible memory price spike due to a fire at a main manufacturing company. PS4 seems more likely to get hit with price spikes than Xbox One, but overall, everything should/would be rising (including pc's). The difference is that most people don't need a ton of ram for pc's, and consoles going up by $50-75 is very possible. GPU's on the other hand could be getting very expensive, just because of how the market is right now. Higher-end GPU's are staying stable prices, sometimes even going up (due to inflation and whatever). There are a few companies out there that will not be affected heavily by this, but nVidia is one of the biggest names out there and likely will be. Say hello to new $1000+ GPU's?.. I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say it's finally worth buying the cheaper stuff for sure. Usually people avoid it because it's shoddy/doesn't last quite as long due to inferior cooling systems or whatever. That's what you're mainly paying for, the quality of the ram, and the fans that come with it all.
  3. PS4 titles[hide]Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag Battlefield 4 Blacklight: Retribution Call of Duty: Ghosts DC Universe Online DriveClub FIFA 14 Just Dance 2014 Killzone Shadow Fall Knack Lego Marvel Super Heroes Madden NFL 25 Minecraft NBA 2K14 NBA Live 14 Need for Speed: Rivals The PlayRoom Resogun Skylanders: Swap Force Tiny Brains Warframe War Thunder Watch Dogs[/hide] Ps4 Exclusives[hide]Blacklight: Retribution DC Universe Online DriveClub Killzone Shadow Fall Knack Minecraft The PlayRoom Resogun Tiny Brains Warframe War Thunder[/hide] Xbox One [hide]Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag Battlefield 4 Call of Duty: Ghosts Crimson Dragon Dead Rising 3 FIFA 14 Fighter Within Forza Motorsport 5 Just Dance 2014 Killer Instinct Lego Marvel Super Heroes LocoCycle Madeen NFL 25 NBA 2K14 NBA Live 14 Need for Speed: Rivals Peggle 2 Powerstar Golf Ryse: Son of Rome Skylanders: Swap Force Watch Dogs Zoo Tycoon Zumba Fitness: World Party[/hide] Xbox One Exclusives [hide]Crimson Dragon Dead Rising 3 Fighter Within Forza Motorsport 5 Killer Instinct LocoCycle Peggle 2 Powerstar Golf Ryse: Son of Rome Zoo Tycon Zumba Fitness: World Party[/hide] I would hardly call that a decisive victory. Logged in for the first time in like 11 months just to say that Minecraft is not a PS4 exclusive. It's currently the most sold game on Xbox or something in the last 6 months+? + It's kind of been on PC for a while..
  4. Happy Birthday! :)

  5. Curious if anyone's tried to decline the xp and see if it bypasses the extra training after Monkey madness to gain passage to Ape Atoll. It's not a forced thing from what I saw, but I didn't try this myself.
  6. Ren

    What. The. ****.

    I was under the impression that he ragequit tif and rs ages ago, seeing this was...lol.
  7. Ren

    What. The. ****.

    Got on youtube a few min ago and this happens: What. The. ****.
  8. Offer 700ea and maybe I'll consider you in the lineup of offers.
  9. My mistake, forgot people did that..
  10. World 341 is law running. 25 noted ess + 21 laws for 25 unnoted ess. (PURE ESSENCE). Enjoy.
  11. http://puu.sh/2em3N Should've scrolled down a bit below General Discussion before posting.
  12. It's a small price to pay if it's out of context imo. I mean, this is assuming that you can appeal the mute (and be successful) if you're just talking about h/c. If not, well.. hello complaints :P. I really hope you sent an appeal for the mute before posting this topic.
  13. I can provide them with nearly every bit of history regarding the account, so that's good to hear. I might not have replied within business hours, but I believe I did just barely. I guess I was assuming they had a team for JAG and such that wasn't based on their normal business hours anyway. They really should get a team for that. This post made me feel much more comfortable, by the way. It's not just a problem with JAG but maybe some of their systems are down. Strange regardless, and thank you for the post :P.
  14. I've recieved an email shortly after my last post. It took them over a day to respond, so don't rely on that timeframe. It's not fixed as of yet and I'm doing the same thing I did before for the third time. The only difference is I have an automated email system to talk to. The Jagex caches are still on my pc, I try to at least update RS so I don't have to wait to play as long if I ever want to log in in the future.
  15. OK, thanks for the info, Sy (you're techy from what I remember), now.. Let's assume one or both scenarios occurred. 1) Someone ended up hijacking what Jagex said to be very secure (my JAG), how can I recover my account now? Repeat steps even if I've already taken some/all. 2) Someone messed directly with my PC (has happened before in a much more dangerous way, this time it seems extremely well done and completely undetectable). Solutions? I guarentee you that my current and up-to-date anti-anything software detects nothing. I have no trojans (or anything else) according to TDSSkiller. I can try even more antimalware and antivirus programs out there but I am quite certain this will give me the same results. With that, am I screwed completely? I mostly want information on the first bit because I'm very very confused as to how/why I can do certain things but others. Maybe you can elaborate how JAG recognizes different PC IP's. When I called my ISP they gave me a step-by-step to find my IP and the technician said something very different from what you did. I, for one, always thought there was an internet sort of IP, and then an IP for your actual computer for, say, if you wanted to do some sort of computer-to-computer connecting without any internet. He was saying that my IP of my modem and my PC were the same.. Forgot to mention that I have used very sensitive information on this pc, like credit cards, on this PC without ANY problems, I have a very very very high doubt that it regards hijacking from my end. The device is still recognized, and it even shows one of my old IP's that were changed by my ISP. I can verify this because I have other sites that've recorded most of my IP's. It is 100% a previous IP given by my ISP, and this has happened at least 14-16 times or more already. The way JAG is showing different devices is by the IP I used for that device when I registered it (worst case scenario). There is no way in hell you're right that it doesn't rely on that in some areas. I've also checked my IP through the command prompt ipconfig and through my LAC, it matches what it says for allowed devices on JAG. Meaning whatever Dynamic IP I was given for my MODEM is different from whatever IP I'm talking about, which has NOT changed ever. Sorry if I was unclear. Wtf is preventing me from logging in?
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