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  1. I'm back! Will be getting membership sometime soon, I currently am building a custom PC and will be playing once I have it up and running. If any of you remember me please feel free to say hi, not to mention all the nooby questions I'm going to have after my 2 years away from the game. Max Cape here I come!
  2. Not sure if I'm back to play RS yet. I just wanted to see whos still on the forums for old times sake =P
  3. Yo, been forever and I remember when we were both going for max stats. Congrats on getting comp cape back man.
  4. I will be buying a bond just to do this quest. I started playing back when underground pass was the furthest the whole quest series had gotten and it was by far my favourite quest at that time. Gotta finish it for nostalgia purposes.
  5. Life update Wedding Shit Venue : check Caterer : check Fiance has a dress : check Photographer : check Groomsmen : check Bridesmaids : check Flowers : work in progress (I don't really care to be honest, this is her ball) We're close to being done with all the big things, just sending out save the dates/invitations, and getting the lawn games and I think we're set (although I'm sure theres a ton of shit that I do not know needs to get done that she is taking care of). Morning wedding with lawn games instead of a dance because I and my bride to be hate dancing. Games-wise I've just finished bingeing through all of the Batman Akrham games which are amazeballs. Not sure why Origins got all of the flak that it did outside of them using the Joker as the main villain again, and even at that I never felt like Joker was the main event, Bane was where I felt the most animosity and build up to. City was by far my least favourite simply due to the overthetopholyshitwhatthe[bleep] factor of finishing the riddlers sidequest. Of the 61 hours I've spent on it I'm sure almost 30 of them was spent just finding riddler trophies and other stupid shit. Oh well. I'm not sure what to work on next, I have all the crysis games that I haven't touched but the controls seem clunky and frustrating. I have Prototype 1 & 2 which I think I'm the most likely to go through next. Other options are E.Y.E Divine Cybermancy, Deus Ex : Human Revolution, Just Cause 1&2, Skyrim, and Final Fantasy 7 (I did not own a playstation so I've never actually played it).
  6. Well done. Great for people who have little start up cash as well as skillers who don't have access to better combat money makers.
  7. New Beast of Burden makes training more afk and slightly more xp/hr -> new divine location makes conventional training a waste of time -> don't use the beast of burden because not training conventionally.
  8. http://forum.tip.it/topic/281681-herblore-habitat/ Best guide there is. It's really simple once you start doing it. Thieving I would focus on PP instead of blackjacking because my wrists can't take it. If you haven't unlocked the circus thieving event you should. For crafting I would put in orders now for feathers and coifs, make a 1:1 AHK script and make feather headdresses for 400 k exp/hr. It just takes a while to fill the orders but it was like 4 gp/exp when I did it. I would just do fish flingers 2x per day for ~40 k exp while you're working on thieving. Use your divine locations on woodcutting.
  9. Forgot that they're on task only. Basically my strategy was the same as yours. I would use assault destroy while waiting for berserk to come off of cd, hit 4 demons, berserk, adren pot, basics to threshold and then flurry. I had dual drygores and full bandos armor with max crit bonuses for my other slots.
  10. Compared to royal they are only marginally better dps, someone else will have the actual % but I'm confident it's not worth it in terms of an "upgrade" Death Lotus darts on the other hand would be.
  11. I knew there was a reason I liked you. Damned if I can remember what it was, but I know it's there.
  12. Thank you :) I'll keep this in my back pocket next time the question comes up.
  13. Frosts are over 250 k exp/hr Abyssal Demons are 300 k + xp/hr and with a 1/1024 chance at an orb/wand/whip you're looking ~3 mil average between those three drops which is 1 mil per hour not including any other drops. Plus you can urn the ashes to work on rounding out that 98 prayer to 99. If you want profit I would melee bandos though.
  14. Don't use revolution. Use adrenaline potions. Berserk through phases 1&2 or 4 Stall adrenaline between kills. Use an aura : Penance = no need for prayer besides renewals, Vamp = much less rocktails used. Use a vamp scrimshaw. Any time you can avoid eating you'll spend more time dealing damage.
  15. Armor is now broken down into all/hybrid, tank, and power armor. No armors give accuracy boosts and most of the ones that did pre eoc are now tank armor and fairly useless (such as the ranger boots). Some pieces give crit bonus which is helpful for dps, the archer ring (i) is the best in slot ring for range crit for example. Fury is hybrid and gives crit for all 3 styles which is only really useful at DK's tribrid and TD's hybrid, and even then some will opt for more crit from the extra switch with the best in slot necklaces. A good bet would be to go for the GWD sets (arma, subjugation, and bandos) as they are the highest level power armor that doesn't degrade and for general pvm are more than adequate. For weapons anything that is level 70 you'll want to stick to using that style the monster you're fighting is weak against. At level 80 gear you can ignore most weaknesses except for high level monsters (such as zil who is weak to magic) and specific weaknesses (gano creatures have to be maged, ascension has to be ranged). At level 90 gear you can ignore all weaknesses except for gano and ascension.
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