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  1. I made this a few weeks ago before the portable sawmill update and the latest protean plank Treasure Hunter promo (which has lowered the profit per hour a little bit), but most of the information in this guide is still relevant. Enjoy :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RRhbwMo02ck
  2. Very nice, will be using this once I get some more cash. I have 2 mil banked so might try out it sometime just to make a little. Added to favorites \
  3. I tried making my own but I'm bad with excel for formulas :oops: How can you make more than 33 rows? I plan on doing either 500 or 1k trips starting in 2 weeks or so.
  4. My friend, Jaker9876, and I set out on a skilling race a few months ago and we had the idea to post a thread detailing our progress. We are aiming for: 10 level 99 skills Fire Cape 1900 total level minimum 35 million cash JakeÃÆââââ¬Å¡Ã¬Ã¢ââ¬Å¾Ã¢s goals will be on the next post. Without further ado I present my goals. Some Things About Me: My first name is Josh My favorite sports team is the White Sox I live in Illinois I am 13 years old The 10 99S Side Goals Level Ups Attack Strength Magic Ranged Crafting Woodcutting Fletching Fire making Hunter Thieving DO NOT POST UNTIL THIS IS GONE!!!
  5. Thx Suomi :) Sorry to hear you quit :boohoo: Bbtw is the guy on the horse in your sig from Age of Empires 2? Theres a guy that looks just like him.
  6. Thanks :D That was my first trip ever and it was yesterday so I'll be doing a few more.
  7. Trip #1 First trip ever at DK. I must be crazy to solo on my first trip :-s . On the other hand.... Also got a lv 3 clue after the zerker so it's not on there. From clue I got: Rune pick x2 rune legs 10 blue firelighters rune b axe I did 12 rex kills and teled out with 8 hp left :uhh: Trip #2 Nothing good. 17 rex kills.
  8. I have the same goals for getting stats up through slayer and staking(also stats for Dag kings too) :D Good Luck :thumbsup: Add me? Also in G.O.F. as well.
  9. It is not illeagal. You may want to give credit to whoever found this and posted it on the runescape official forums. And if you add the teleing 1 or the sellign to stores one(I found that out so give me credit....) make sure to give other peopel credit if your using someone elses idea unless it isn't on purpose.
  10. Hey Jake :D Gl on the gold cw plate. You rock dude. I'll put the link to the vid for 99 wcup later.
  11. I could cut the outside part out but I wat everyone to see how close the drops were to each other.
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