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  1. I got like 6 gravediggers while training at moss giants (big bones ftw?)
  2. so pigs won't be able to eat it why did i mute my speakers?
  3. i suggest you look at a calender aww i was just about to say that...december 13 is a wednesday
  4. Meh, since I live in pacific time too, I can't make it. Plus, I have school on Friday =(.
  5. I knew I shouldn't have sold him my red construction paper, but he offered me a MYSTERY BOX!!! How can I resist? *points to sig about mystery box*
  6. My blue cape I got since I was lvl 10. It's as special to me as $$$, since it reminds me of all my achievements since I was a newb. I never risked it in the wilderness, I only wear it when training. If that doesnt count, then i guess $$$$ would be important.
  7. I wear full zombie, for 2 reasons: 1) It looks like you're 40,000 years old 2) It weighs 0 kg!!! Off topic: Check out the first animated gif I made:
  8. 2 possible answers: 1) Jagex sends him back to lumby 2) Stuck in that little cage forever
  9. lol this trend is still around? i thought it died a while ago...
  10. LOL lvl 30 smithing isnt a great achievement. I bet nobody would come to this party.
  11. 4 words: THIS WILL HELP AUTOERS! :shame:
  12. Sound on, Music off, Area sound off
  13. Welcome to Runescape Does my pelvis look big in this? (examine the new skeleton legs that u got for the haloween event)
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