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  1. it goes like this, lower levels are assumed as they are going to ask for money most the time, so people don't talk to them (unless they are clearly a skiller/pker or have considerable wealth). People talk to the rich to try to woo them for the money. And if you're very high leveled, then they leave you alone because you probably have something better to do.
  2. I really liked the second one (as a lot of other people are saying.) It's weird because I just read something about the "Pay it Forward" Website.
  3. now its 28 overall and 4 pc.
  4. Good Idea, thanks. I might also give him some crushed bird nests.
  5. Well, I plan on getting him something for herblore. He has 84 herb.
  6. I'll be first to say the Wise Old Man's Hat.
  7. I'm not really that unlucky....first day of members I killed a guard and got ranger boots from the clue at lvl 68...thats basically all of my clues, i don't get a lot though.
  8. D

    Abyss VS FFL

    very good calculations, now i know that I'm doing the right thing for getting 91 rc!
  9. there's already a topic on this, it was first when I searched Pest Control...here it is- http://forum.tip.it/viewtopic.php?t=554 ... rol+points
  10. I absolutely HATED monkey madness. I think i set a new record for most times in jail...100 lol. and died about 40 times. Also took me 3 hours to do that puzzle. Anyways, my favorite so far has been nature spirit.
  11. I was in Zanaris, and it was unusually crowded. I was going to the bank and I turned into sheep. Then suddenly everybody shouted YAY!!!!....pretty random moment
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