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  1. Haven't tried this myself, but I'd suggest using the highest-level beast of burden to maximize essence per trip. I think it's the terrorbird at your level.
  2. Hi there. I want to get my crafting level to around 90 from 83, where I am now. Before I've just done dragonhide, making green and blue d'hide bodies. What's the best method of getting crafting up? If you could tell me the price as well that'd be great. Thanks :-)
  3. Hey there. Just wanted to let everyone know that there's a Stellar Dawn scam email going around. I received it on the email address that I signed up for the beta on. It's prompting you to download the "client" which is an EXE that I'm guessing steals your RuneScape password or worse. It looks pretty legit, but don't fall for it! Just wanted to get the word out.
  4. Whoops - That was a mistake on my part. It should accurately depict my totals now.
  5. Hi there! I'm Slayr, known ingame as Slayr 0f Ice, and this topic will be devoted to my adventures in RuneScape! About Me Past Accomplishments Current Goals Level Ups Closing Notes So, I'm a RuneScape player, as I'm sure you've figured out by now. I can't really remember how long I've been playing, but I know that the first holiday event that I did was the Easter Ring, the one that makes you into an egg. Someone help me and tell me when that was :P. I've always been interested in using the fastest way of doing something, as I can't grind for hours on end like some people. I'm not really the most social person in game, but feel free to send me a message. I'm happy to talk to nice people :) I've always liked ranging and firemaking (hence my 99), and my least favorite skill has always been slayer. I know some people love it, but I find it painfully slow. Here are my current stats: As for real life, I'm a 18 year old in my senior year of high school over here in the USA. I like to mess with computers, run(cross country and track), build websites, and hang out with my friends. Any questions about this? Just ask me. I don't really know what's good to say here haha. This section will be updated as I reach accomplishments from this thread! For the short term, I have a few goals. I want to get my slayer level up. Yes, I hate the skill, but there are so many useful things that you're able to do at a higher level. Woodcutting to level 99. At one point, I was racing a friend of mine to level 99, but I couldn't keep up so I quit :P Ranged to 90. This will eventually go to 99, but let's start small. And now, for my long term goals. Level 99 ranged. It's an amazing cape, and useful to have. Level 75 Prayer. The only reason this is long term is because it's expensive as all get out. 94 magic for the infamous ice barrage. I've heard that this is a good spell to use for getting summoning charms, and that's a skill I want to get up in the future. None as of yet - I just started this thread! I just want to thank you all for reading this thread. Please take a minute to leave me some support, and I'll be sure to reciprocate the favor :-) Have a great day!
  6. Too bad on the Elite scroll drop. Better luck next time. Good luck with getting your maxed total!
  7. I have an infinite amount of respect for anyone who is a DIY character. I could never do it :P Good luck with everything!
  8. Good luck with your goals :-) Slayer's never been my cup of tea...(even with my name ;-))
  9. I don't see a problem with what you want to do, but apparently Jagex does... At least you got a lot of fletching XP in the process.
  10. If you're F2P, I've heard that the cockroaches are good experience. I've never ranged them, however.
  11. Don't most archiving programs have a way you can split the archive? Just do that and upload it to MegaUpload in five parts or something.
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