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  1. Hmm, I can't seem to find my Log In name. I was sure I use Wretched_Cat for both. I'll keep looking, for now. thanks Killer, I hadn't actually thought of that. :D If I can't find my Log In name for Wretched, I'll just do that.
  2. Hmm, that's odd. I thought I had made the same display and Log In name. Off to check what my actual name is! :D
  3. I started a new account since I started a new RuneScape account, and I can't access it. I joined today and received the validation email. I clicked the link and signed in, and was told that everything was ready. I came back a few hours later and could not log in. I went back to the email and tried to re-validate the account with both codes (the log in link, and the user/validation key link) and was told that the validation key could not be found. I tried to recover my password, but got an "Unknown Account" message. I searched my new name on the members list (Wretched_Cat), and it was there. So I have no idea what to do. Any ideas? Thanks!
  4. Hello, I'm starting a new account and wanted to help update the old pictures since I am able to use the highest graphic settings to play. I'm just not sure how to do it. I read Pokemama's sticky ( HOW to HELP with QUESTS: Need SCREENSHOTS and Confirms! ) but only some pieces of it apply to what I'm doing. Should I post a new, full Quest guide here on the forums, or just send the new pictures to a specific crew member/ team? I'm also doing this for everything I can, Skills, Quests, and Treasure Trail guides (when I become a member). Thanks! Sorry if this is the wrong place!
  5. Hello everyone, and welcome to the clan thread for The Druids of Gielinor! We are a mid- to high-level Clan that plays to all aspects of the game. We are also available to both f2p, as well as p2p, with as many events for each as possible. If you are interested in joining our Clan, becoming an ally/rival, or just want to look around, feel free to chat on this thread, PM any of our Founders, or head over to our Clan Homepage where you'll find all of our information in the public forums. We hope to hear from you soon! ~ Application to join The Druids of Gielinor ~ CURRENTLY RECRUITING: Yes RuneScape Name: Membership Status (F2P/P2P): Timezone: Total Level: Combat Level f2p/p2p: Quest Point Total: ================================================= How often do you play?: What days are you most active?: What do you do most when you play?: Would you participate in Clan events and parties?: How committed to the Clan are you? Would you like to help organize events? ================================================= Anything else we should know about you?: More questions may be added as time goes on and the Clan grows, so make sure your application is up to date when you submit it. You can post in our Clan thread on the RuneScape Official Forums (QFC: 93-94-162-63108401), or in our Clan forum in the Public thread. ~Roses Fire~
  6. Hey forum people. It would seem that SerLizar has joined us and ExtremeJebus has bailed. Meaning we still have two spots open if anyone is interested. Post here, PM me ingame, or head over to the RuneScape forums if you're interested or have any questions! Quick find code: 93-94-977-62737138 Founder's application: How often do you play RuneScape? What do you do most when you play? Are you really into Clans, or are you just looking for something to do? What is your timezone? How are you with decision making? More questions may be added, but you don't need to fill this out unless you're really interested in signing up. :)
  7. ExtremeJebus just signed up as the third Founder. There are still three spots open for anyone interested in a mid-level hybrid Clan!
  8. Awesome! Now I don't have to add my RSN to every post. :D Thank you!
  9. Sorry if this is the wrong place for this, but I wasn't really sure of where to put it. I was just wondering how to get my RuneScape username to display in my user info next to my forum posts? I've looked around the Account Info section of the site, but I can't find it anywhere. Thanks!
  10. I'm looking to start a mid-sized, mid-level Clan for all aspects of the game. All are welcome, but content will be aimed more towards the level 80+ range. We would most likely be open to both F2P and P2P but, naturally, most content will be geared towards Members. I'm not too sure if PvP will be added, we'll have to decide on that. But safe Clan Wars would most likely pop up somewhere. Purpose of the Clan: Skills Quests PvM Activities D&D's Treasure Trails Dungeoneering Social Events (house parties, Foot races, scavenger hunts, etc) Clan motto, motif, etc: Name: I have a name, but I don't want it taken, so we should decide on it in-game. Colors: Picked by Founders Motto: Picked by Founders Motif: Picked by Founders (I'm not really sure of the available colors/images , and I can't access them until the Clan is registered). Clan Time: Most likely EST -5/Picked by Founders Anything else I may have missed: Picked by Founders Current Founders: -Roses Fire -Mistress Yue -SerLizar - - What I'm looking for in a Founder: -Maturity -Confidence -Commitment to the game and the Clan -Good social skills/willingness to help others -Literacy (I'm not going to say no if you use 1337 speak, but correct grammar helps) If you want to join, or just have some questions, feel free to post here, on the RuneScape Official Forum, or PM me in-game (Roses Fire). Thanks, and I hope to hear from someone soon! ~Fire~ RSOF QFC: 93-94-398-62692628
  11. In response to Leaving Us Livid?: I totally agree, the Livid Farm is a great piece of content, and I'd hate to see it abandoned. JaGeX did the same thing with Shattered Heart(though that's more of a D&D), but the Dhamorak statue, like Vengeance Group, shows a lot of dedication to not just the Activity, but the game as a whole. Though I do have to say, "resorting to making your own" is a bit of an overstatement. :D
  12. I'm not sure if this has been mentioned, but in response to the second article: Mod Mark confirmed that JaGeX will not raise any current Skills past 99 in the Capes of Destinction dev. blog: "Max skill cape - a cape that a player can wear if they have reached level 99 in all skills Traditionally, we have always considered level 99 to be max despite the Dungeoneering skill going to 120. We dont plan to raise any other skills from 99 to 120, and still feel the max cape should be worn by players with all skills at level 99." I feel that players who train their Skills to the 200 million cap do it because they want to, and those that don't want to train after 99 won't. 99's are becoming easier and easier to achieve, but once you hit that final level, it's not a matter of "train to 200 million XP or quit" but a matter of shifting your focus from grinding to actual gameplay. I will train my Skills to 200 million, just because I want that spot on the highscores, but most people will not quit just because there is no new content after 99.
  13. After I get 65 in all Combat stats, I'm going to try to kill the Fairy Godfather again. So, assuming I have 65 in Atk/Def/Str/LP/Prayer, and am using a Super Set, how well do you think I'll do? Equipment: Helm of Neitiznot Ardougne Cloak 2 Amulet of Power Dragon Scimitar Rune Platebody Rune Kiteshield Rune Platelegs Barrows Gloves Boots of Lightness/Fancy Boots Ring of Life Inventory would probably be: Wand 3 Teeth Super Set (4) 5 Prayer pots (4) 16 Monkfish Thanks for any help!
  14. I'm a DIYer at heart, so buying is never going to feee a good idea. I'd sell the Runes for money, but I need them for 75 Mage. I get the Parasite at level 62 Summoning, so he's not an option either. Looks like I'm mining at the Mage's Guild for a week or two(or 3...or 4. :D) EDIT: I can actually kill Banshees at my level. I get to kill Aberrant Spectres at level 60 so I try killing some of them first.
  15. Bowls_Of_Dro, that's my current method. I've got a Small, Medium, and Large Pouch, but I need to do Lunar Diplomacy so I can get the NPC Contact Spell. Wilderness is too dangerouns at the moment. I'm only level 52 Summoning, so I can't use the Abyssal Titan yet.
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